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Family, health, medical, alcohol 

To add insult to injury: I'm the one with all the expenses. I don't have money for more hospitalizations. How am I supposed to crowdfund that?

Help me out, this poor old man is suffering fort his fucking alcoholism, please donate!

Nobody will want to help with that.

My father not only dug a pit of poverty for me, he fucking threw me inside.

How am I going to recover from this? I feel like my life is over and all my sacrifices these last 20 years were for fucking nothing.

Thanks for the bankruptcy, dad. I can't even make you feel guilty because you're unconscious.

Fuck this shit. 😢

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Family, health, medical, alcohol 

Today we spoke with the doctor. My dad has hepatic cirrhosis.

A consequence of his liver failure is that he has developed several varicosities not only in the stomach, but in the intestines as well.

Among other things, he developed dementia and water retention.

He required two enemas a day for at least two weeks until his internal bleeding got controlled (for now).

It's hard to believe (and infuriating) that it took us a decade to realize that his stomach ulcers (for which he needed to be treated since 10 years ago) were caused not by a strange disease, but by his malfunctioning liver.

Every single day he drank a bottle of beer or a cup of liquor. Every single day, for decades.

My childhood memories include the top of the fridge being filled with cognac, rum, and other liquors.

We had two wine bottle holders on the living room floor.

He was a "social" drinker... until he stopped socializing. Then he just became a drinker.

My father was a terrible alcoholic and we had no idea because he drank "in moderation"... every day. It was "normal".

In a single year we burned our lifetime savings in hospital bills and medical care for his dementia of hepatic origin.

Today I saw him get a blood transfusion (which I paid all by myself). Sick. Thin to the bones. Unconscious. Because he wouldn't stop drinking 20 years ago.

People drink and say "everybody dies of something."

Death is easy. One year of agony? Your savings lost? I fucking dare you.

hey my friend needs help again, and I'm raising money on her behalf to pass long. she's running low on insulin and needs a total of $129 for one insulin pen and a box of needle tips, any little bit sent her way helps and boosts are very appreciated!
cashapp: $wordlessstanza
thank you so much!

I Used #Apple AirTags, Tiles and a GPS Tracker to Watch My Husband’s Every Move

A vast location-tracking network is being built around us so we don’t lose our keys: One couple’s adventures in the consumer tech surveillance state.

Hey, this "Adam ruins everything" episode on how racism created white suburbs was super interesting.

covid tangential joke 

Farmer, to the people in hermetic suits: I said corvid, CORVID infestation!

The crows, standing on the suited guys: Caw, caw, caw!

#Synthesizer #ROM #archive

"I noticed that firmware dump for vintage synth can be incredibly hard to come by unless you know exactly where to look. Most of the time, if you are looking to upgrade or repair your favourite synth, you might find some firmware buried deep in synth forum's while some other seems to only be available by buying very overpriced preprogramed EPROM chip from sellers on eBay. This is my attempt at resolving the situation and making as many firmware dumps as possible freely available for everyone."

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So my dad's expenses guy to the point of me having a nervous breakdown. Sorry.

Anyway I made a ko-fi goal for this, even tiny donations like $3 will help if enough people do them.

I appreciate it, folks 🙏 boosts OK :boost_rainbow:

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Well well well, I'm going broke and my country is not available for gofundme. 😩

bills, medical 

The hospital told us we owe them 4100 USD.

And the surgery is not done.

I feel like my life is over 😢

This is the worst day of my life.

Do you wish the Fediverse had its own alternative to Twitch?

There's one called @owncast . It already works as a self-hosted alternative, and is currently testing Fediverse support:

The Fediverse support is only on test accounts at the moment, such as @wesley . You can already follow these test accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see posts in your feed when their streams are live.

Fediverse support will hopefully be on the release version of OwnCast soon 🤞

#OwnCast #Fediverse #FediTips #Twitch #Alternatives #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Video #LiveStreaming #LiveStream

If you believe in #privacy and understand the dangers of #Google / #Facebook / #Amazon and #GAFAM #surveillance, then you'll understand the importance of #selfhosting. Currently, #Yunohost is one of - if not THE - best option for new hosters, but they need your help. We all need to help them get easier, faster and even better for everyone. They're doing it with no commercial sponsors, so throw them a sheckle or two if you're able:

It helps us all.

Please #boost. Thanks.

Dreams, competition stories, question 

I had a very curious dream. It set in the 19th century, and I was in a competition of sorts, a racer around the world, but mixed with a series of high school level questions 😅 asked by a professor. In the end I won because at the beginning of the competition I had done something irrelevant; like, putting some loose papers back in a box, or something.

After I woke up I realized this kind of plot twist had been used before in fiction.

In Around the World in 80 days, the protagonist wins the bet because they traveled eastward, and gained one day because of time zones.

In "The Incredible Rocky Mountain Race" (1977), the competition requires to gather several items, including an eagle's feather. Near the end, the hero loses his to save his newfound native friend from a certain death. In the end, it turns out the native's name is Eagle's Feather, so he wins the competition.

In Ready Player One, the protagonist gains an opportunity to win the game because he had played an old arcade game from inside the VR world and gained a 1UP coin.

Are there other stories like this?

Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind is the greatest anime Miyazaki never made--and yes I saw the 1984 anime which is only a pale shadow. I'm talking about the full adaptation of the seven-volume manga that only a TV series or possibly a trilogy of movies could have done justice to. Not the feel-good ecological fable of the 1984 adaptation but the bloody, troubling tale of war, ecological destruction, politics, trauma and loss amid the crash between distinct peoples with different ways and goals, and I fully include the insects and slime molds in that.

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The best thing about recovering from a migraine with Excedrin™ is that when you're finally fine at 4:30AM you have a sudden wave of inspiration and start posting creative stuff left and right.

lewdposting, rant 

Damn, I want so much to vent about my fantasies in a safe space without being judged right now 😩

covid, satire 

Employees Urged to Keep Working After T-Virus Exposure Unless They Have Giant Eyeball Growing Out of Their Shoulder

Docker question for the experts out there 👨‍💻 

I'm learning docker through a tutorial and so far I've been successful on downloading and running predefined images.

But according to what I learned, to create an image you need a Dockerhub account. So how do I create it without Dockerhub?

My example will be a hello world Spring REST service.

Any help appreciated!

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