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Rewriting chapter 6 of the novel I .

Here's an anarchist billboard hacked into the city's metro:

* Don't get fooled by Moreira! He embezzled the park funds!

- How many years was the park abandoned because of the laws he pushed?
- It's electoral season. Don't let him get away with it!
- Don't forget he's a fucking pedo! It's on the record!
- Going to the park inauguration? Bring your eggs and tomatoes!


cyberpunk idea 

Idea for my visual novel:

"So you got a body now! What to expect in the physical world".

Chapter 2: Transportation and goods

You may have noticed that your last days in the grid have teleportation turned off - this is for you to get acquainted with physical means of transport.

Why? See, in the physical world, there's no such thing as teleportation.

Atoms are really heavy stuff! 😮 A fistful of matter contains enough energy to power up a city for several weeks! 🤯

Unlike virtual matter, which is stored as data in the corporation's mainframe, physical matter requires manual transportation - be it on foot, or inside a vehicle, like a bus, or taxi.

You will need to walk, take elevators, ride cabs to carry groceries to and from your destination. And you need to be careful, because physical goods take a lot of energy to be processed! Weeks, even months of manual labor to grow, harvest and process them to their final state.

WARNING: Any damaged goods will be discounted from your maintenance account. If your account reaches zero, you run the risk of being deleted! 😱


It's a digital guidebook for recently installed androids. I think I'll add this item to my main character's inventory.

Re-reading the first chapters of my novel. I specially like this part:

"Come to Paradise, the entertainment sector where your wildest fantasies can become as
real as you want. The only limit is -

"Your wallet!" Pearson gestured a swipe to the left, telling the TV to switch
to the next commercial.

Another idea for my visual novel 

I got an idea for my , "Nym: The Synthetic Cinderella". ( )

I think having purely virtual, protected spaces inside VR is a waste of time, given that androids are supposed to get training to move and navigate in the real world after they're installed in their bodies.

So here's a thought: Why not *simulate* the city so that the androids have to actually travel and expose themselves to simulated humans, so that by the time they get to the real world, they'll know the proper procedures?

This also serves as player exposure to the world and serves as the "everyday life" for Step 1 (Once upon a time, there was...) in the Pixar formula. (See thescientistvideographer.com/w ). So the player will have to navigate the world, travel via subway, take cabs, etc. and get used to it. Plus, IMMERSION! You can't have a sci-fi futuristic world without the skyscrapers and flying cars! :blobaww:

(And when our protagonist wakes up in an unknown city slum, with no sight of the city landmarks, the player will KNOW that something went very, very wrong, bwahahahahah! 😈 )

visual novel progress 

I just got a wonderful idea for my .

Nym, my android protagonist, has a functionality that allows her to spend an extra hour of her day in her virtual reality bedroom.

She also has a cute giraffe plushy that her AI mother gave her when she was little.

So here's the idea: Every night, when I animate the "good night" scene, I will show her holdng her plushie while inside her VR bedroom. Some times she will look tired, sometimes neutral, sometimes sad, and in very sad days, she will cry herself asleep. But all this in her VR room, because androids don't show emotions to humans - save counted exceptions (plot reasons).

So I'm reserving a special scene for the end, when she finally finds a master to take care of her: the goodnight scene will show her not in her VR bedroom, but in her actual bedroom, sleeping next to her master! :blobaww:

Re: Attention all visual novel authors on the fedi! 

My VN (tagged ) is set in a future. Based on a short story of mine, it's about a lesbian :lesbian: gynoid (aka sexbot) who gets stolen/smuggled by the triads and must find loopholes in her programming (malicious compliance) to seek help and find a legitimate master. While it will have many sex scenes and mature themes (very ), I want it to be much more than just a porn game; it's story-based, has deep characters with amazing back stories and has lots of drama. (It's also the sequel to an actual novel I'm writing! 🤯).

I want to make 2 versions: One without sex scenes for the general players, and one with all the lewd stuff for *that* specific public (hey, sex sells 😅). I'm also going to add a feature so that you can switch POV or even turn off certain sex scenes based on the player's gender and sexual orientation.

My game's patreon can be found here:


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Cyberpunk idea 

How about this slogan for exclusive gene therapy whose target audience are rich snobs and rich snob wannabes?

Girl: "Don't hate me for being privileged. 😇"

Narrator: "BeautyMaxx gene therapy. Using it is a privilege."

Cyberpunk (the real stuff) 

Tired of playing with cybertoys, seeing a fictional Keanu trespassing your brain, or shagging a CG-whitewashed latina?

Do yourself a favor and read .

These days we have too much cyber and too little punk. We need to go back to the real stuff.



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cyberpunk idea, NSFWish 

I was wondering... in an era where everybody has built-in cameras that can record everything you see and hear, how would people make sure visits to strip clubs remain confidential?

a) Use masks and prepaid tokens so you can't be identified.

b) If you require to see the girls but don't want them to see you, how about fixing them VR glasses and noise cancelling headphones?

The glasses would mask your face and give you privacy, while the headphones could either play music or distort your voice.

I picture this sort of tech being used in VIP establishments where millionaires and government officials make shady deals while the girls (either waitresses or escorts) have no idea what the VIPs are talking about. :blobthinkingcool:

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Mankind Divided: DLC

Nothing like a good VR cyber heist to pass the night. :blobcoffee:


scifi pol, satire, cyberpunk 

Night City News, 2082

Wisconsin just elected their first VTuber member of congress, making the USA the thirteenth country on Earth on doing so.

"Awigatou fow youw votes! 😽" shouted Nyan-nyan Rodriguez, whose real identity is protected under the virtual privacy act of 2050; "I'ww be suwe to fight for youw dweams and make them weality in this legislatuwe!", the virtual personality said.

When asked about her famous VR porn video, which trebucheted her into fame, elected congresskitten Rodriguez said that there are more important matters to attend, but promised a stimvid release of the video for her fans.

For Night City News, this is Eliza Cassan.

trans small fic 

The professor heard the activation sounds coming from the mind transferring chamber. In panic, he ran to the cyborg pod, where a beautiful teenager girl emerged.

The girl walked out and looked at herself in the mirror. She kept staring at her new body.

"Noooo!!!! Michael, what have you done!!! The procedure is irreversible, don't you understand?"

"But I already knew that, professor!"

"No, you don't understand! It's the mind-body synchronicity! And you picked a female body! Do you have any idea of how many cyborg suicides have taken place because of the gender paradox syndrome? And you can't fix it with hormones, you have a silicon brain now! God..."

"But professor," the girl said... "Ever since I have memory, I always knew I was a girl. I actually like this body."

"W-what are you saying, Michael?"

"I... I was afraid to tell you professor... I'm trans. I always was."

She looked again into the mirror and twirled. The girl behind the mirror smiled like she never had before.

"And please, call me Michelle."

Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and and it's my life's dream to get it published!

(Also I've been recently exploring my sexuality and it turns out I'm trans :transgender: ; specifically, nonbinary :nonbinary: and probably genderfluid :QueerCat_Genderfluid: ; it's... complicated.

Perhaps another way to explain this is that I have a "femsona" and I feel more comfortable wearing her than my male-self when talking to my close friends.

BTW, I don't know if I'll get to be comfortable with using "she/her", so it's "they/them" for now.)

I'm Working on a neo-noir novel! 🕵️‍♂️

Tentative title is "Pandora Downloaded". It's about AIs, androids, a detective with a memory malfunction (brain implants screw you up) and a mysterious murder whose main culprit is a rogue android, in a "Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell" style.

Chapter 1 available here:


Donations appreciated 🙏 , check my profile for details.


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