I decided to go for the mystery in chapter 12. Removed hints about who the mysterious hunter was. At the same time, I painted a more sinister view of the rogue android. She's super nice and loving, but also naughty. (Especially when I switch to her scene RIGHT AFTER the detectives mentioned rogue androids plotting their revenge, bwahahahaha!!!)

I think I'm going to keep playing with this ambivalence of hers until I finally reveal her true story. And then the pursuit starts, bwahahahah!

This is going to be fun. 😁

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Chapter 12 transcribed! :blobcheer:

Now a question opens... 🤔

In this chapter, the detectives discuss visiting a Rogue Hunter who runs an android refurbishing business.

Now this hunter is right now visited by Beth upon recommendation from Vixen - her rogue android lover -. It turns out that this hunter might (only might - could be a red herring!) know who killed her aunt! (Worse, it could be Vixen herself!)

Should I remove the explicit mention to keep the intrigue going (not knowing who's who), or should I build UPON the fact that our protagonist might be meeting the accomplice of her aunt's murderer?


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Chapter 11 was super short!

FINISHED! :blobcheer:

Now onto chapter 12 for the forensic analysis :D

Scene from my novel, in which Beth's father complains to her mother in law about the forced separation (big drama) 


"Oh, great... just fucking great." Jane turned around. "I don't know, Lillian. I don't know if I even want to see her again. I told you, I took too much detox. I don't know if I feel anything for her now. What am I supposed to do?"

Lady Emerson shook her head. "I don't know... start over? Jane..." Lady Emerson took Jane's hand and squeezed it a bit. "Emma still loves you, and she needs you so much right now. You're the only one who can give her company."

Jane shook her head. "No... Lillian, I don't know if I can see her again..."

"Jane, please. I'm begging you. She needs you now more than ever! She lost her sister already!"

Jane felt a shiver run down her spine.

"Lost? Lillian, what do you mean? Where's Catherine?"

Lady Emerson tried to talk, but her lips were shaking too much. She swallowed, and took a quick breath.

"She's dead, Jane... Catherine is dead."


And so ends chapter 10, finally opening the curtain for the murder case!

Comments welcome!

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Scene from my novel, in which Beth's father complains to her mother in law about the forced separation (big drama) 


"Just... how am I supposed to feel, Lillian? Should we just shake hands and pretend nothing happened? It's too late for Beth now, she already grew up without her mother. She couldn't ever get the chance to play games with her. Her first birthday party with her friends. Her first period... her first time... she never talked to me about her first time, Lillian. I don't know what went wrong, I was too busy trying to pay the bills... and before I knew it half a decade passed and the little innocent child I loved so much was replaced by a punk wanting to get back at the system... whatever the fuck that means. She needed a mother, Lillian! You don't know how much I wished her mother were there, when I wasn't. Nothing will give those years back to her. EVER! At least she could grow up with her grandparents when she was younger..."

Lady Emerson nodded, and sniffed. "You're right, Jane. You're absolutely right. I have no excuse... in fact, this was one of the other things I wanted to talk you about... Emma got the divorce. You're free to marry her now."

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The two year hiatus...


BROKEN! :blobcheer: :blobcheer: :blobcheer:

I advanced in my novel!!! Finished polishing a scene and copied from another chapter. I hope the result isn't too long, but it's done!

The next session I'll review the chapter to see if I left anything missing.

Chapter 10... [50% Done.]

In this chapter Bethany visits the android Refurbishing company to find... a latex-clad lesbian dominatrix. Turns out she retrains rogue sexbots as french-maids for rich customers.

So this is Vixen's contact... things are getting more complicated than she thought. She just stepped into the chessboard of higher powers - Rogue Hunters, android corporations, assassins, immortals. To think she thought pranking a politician's rally was enacting change... all her anarchist deeds in the recent years began to look like a joke compared to the real power wielded by the top strata of society.

Meanwhile, Beth's father was summoned to the citadels to receive a shocking news: Beth is going to be removed from the ground and moved to the citadels with her mother's family, and the reason is not trivial at all: Bethany's aunt is dead.

But neoVictorians don't die of old age... they live for centuries, and there's only one reason for a neoVictorian to die before reaching 100...


sci fi writing idea 

Mary Poppins but she's an android and instead of flying down with her umbrella she arrives in a sky car.

ROFL 🤣 this will be fun 🤭

*starts jotting down*

(yes, I'm serious - no it's not literally Mary Poppins but it'll be fun to write lol)

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Behold! My cyberpunk novel's commission!

Ladies and gentlemen, the cover for "Pandora Downloaded"!

Congrats to Matt Zeilinger for the hard work.

I'm Working on a neo-noir novel! 🕵️‍♂️

Tentative title is "Pandora Downloaded". It's about AIs, androids, a detective with a memory malfunction (brain implants screw you up) and a mysterious murder whose main culprit is a rogue android, in a "Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell" style.

Chapter 1 available here:


Donations appreciated 🙏 , check my profile for details.


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