Visual novel progress 

While I was cycling through my wallpapers, I stumbled upon this one.

The picture itself is soothing, but the acrophobia it evoked made me realize this would be a perfect scene for my Visual Novel's climax:

The protagonist is standing on the ledge of a building (not necessarily a corporate building, just a very tall skyscraper) as the wind tries to push you down. The enemy is behind you, and you have one final choice to make to save yourself. Make the right choice, and win the game. Make the wrong choice, and it's game over.

But the right choice... it's not obvious, you have to look on your memories, inventory or activate a specific skill...

it'll be glorious!

And this made me realize the potential of camera angles to put the protagonist in dangerous situations. This is the tone I want for my !

NFTs are money laundering: One picture says it all 

The principal component of money laundering is the opacity: hiding the source of the money used to buy them. Cryptocurrency markets have that opacity disguised as privacy. So it's not my job to prove NFTs are money laundering, it's NFT markets' job to prove they are not.

Also, check out this tweet (screenshot attached):

> WTF is going on in the NFT world? This seems like some serious attempts at money laundering?

>> Punk 364 bought for 360 ETH ($1,521,745.14 USD) by 0xb0dafc from 0xddd0e9.

I mean, seriously? A super crappy pixel drawing being sold for 1.5 MILLION dollars?

Tell me that's NOT money laundering with a straight face, you fucks.

weight loss stuff (+) 

Guess what I just bought! :blobcheer:

Another tool for my log. :blobthumbsup:

trans meme, based on my own experience (NSFW for hentai mention. Might be offensive for some folks) 


guns, internet humor, lewd text 

Saw this image and thought of you guys. 😅

covid, apocalyptic thinking, preppers 🤔 

At this point, I'm wondering whether preppers turn out to be the only sane guys around.

I mean, they live in isolated parts of whatever patch of land they chose adequate, are fully stocked with ammo and rations, they mostly avoid social contact and are much better equipped to live in case of a global catastrophe... like the one we're living in? 😨

I mean, a bunch of angry people infected with covid are ten times more dangerous than zombies. And these guys are equipped to deal with that.

I mean... fuck, they got it figured out already.

(Attached below is a pic of my favorite fictional prepper: Burt Gummer)

Netflix He-Man spoilers 

Yes. This was the first episode of . No, I'm not making this up. They did turn Teela into Karen. 🤮

(image found on twitter)

It's *MY* name and I get to choose the

_Integrated Data Sentient Entity humanoid interface_

I stole it from 😤

alternate universe meme 

I always thought Omni-man looked too much like JJ Jameson...

Wet and wild naked female with BIG curves (NSFW) 

The biggest you've ever seen 😳

progress on my visual novel 

Artist finished Nym's sprites! She has now chibi emotes and new outfits, and her pajamas is just adorable! :blobaww:

(reminder that this Visual Novel is not for minors and will have NSFW scenes; if you're interested, please subscribe to my patreon! )

anime IRL, meme, blood 

TFW you're dying and realized you forgot to wipe your internet history.

I'm starting to come to terms about being non binary guys... (meme, kinda) 

Me: There's one kind of female beauty I simply can't get out of my mind. I just want to keep admiring them over and over and over...if I were a girl, I would definitely choose to be like them. 🥰

Example 1: Young Winona Ryder, with her pixie cut

Fact: She was famous for her androgynous look.

Example 2: Annie Lennox from Eurythmics

Fact: At least two of her videos are gender subversive

Example 3: Switch from the Matrix

Fact: She was originally planned to be a trans character.


packing, moving, plushie 

I have a Nagato Yuki-chan plush doll I bought at an anime con and I packed it in its own little box, all for herself. :blobcataww:

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