Long thread, SciFi writing 

Rewriting chapter 6 of the novel I .

Here's an anarchist billboard hacked into the city's metro:

* Don't get fooled by Moreira! He embezzled the park funds!

- How many years was the park abandoned because of the laws he pushed?
- It's electoral season. Don't let him get away with it!
- Don't forget he's a fucking pedo! It's on the record!
- Going to the park inauguration? Bring your eggs and tomatoes!


Long thread, SciFi writing 

- You may not be able to vote, but you can march and protest!

* Rain season approaches. Are you ready for the Cronen?

- Buy repelent and spread Chlorophyll on your walls. Remember:
The Cronen hates green plants!
- Bioconcrete is a SCAM. It's not Cronen-proof!
- Demand budget to grow plants on your building!
- Be wary of goons spreading cronen spores on the neighborhood! They work
for real-estate corps!


Long thread, SciFi writing 

* Cops have only one master: Money. ACAB!

* RENT STRIKE! They can't kick all of us out! ORGANIZE!


This billboard is much easier to read than the wall of text I had written to describe the city's problems.

What do you think?

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