Batman vs. Commander Shepard 

Reasons why Commander Shepard is a better superhero than Batman:


* Afraid of carrying guns
* Fails to finish constant threats, even when they escape Arkham Asylum to cause more destruction
* Funded by capitalism
* Beats common robbers instead of actually solving their inherent economic problems
* All his money is wasted on wonderful toys
* Endangers a teenager boy by bringing him along in his adventures
* Has no powers
* Cannot stop an alien invasion unless it's Superman gone rogue
* Only has a car and a small plane
* Cannot deal with the joker

Commander Shepard:

* Funded by Alliance budget and by confiscating loot from evildoers
* Convinces people to turn away from a life of crime
* Actually offs criminals too stubborn to change
* Joker is his pilot actually
* Helps redistribute wealth when needed
* Protects quarians from discrimination by cops
* Is not afraid of carrying guns
* Pragmatic when needed
* Works for humanity
* Actually helps all galactic species
* Willing to sacrifice a colony of Batarians to save the galaxy
* Cuts ties with Cerberus when they become a global threat
* Does his own stunts in Blasto vids
* Only recruits the best - not wimpy teenager sidekicks
* Leads the galactic suicide squad
* Has tech or biotic powers as circumstances require
* Has his own spaceship - and the Mako
* Is so popular that got resurrected once
* Hosts the best parties in the galaxy
* Actually stopped an alien invasion - thrice.

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Batman vs. Commander Shepard 

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