Trans - thoughts on FFS surgery, question, boosts OK 

Oh my god, I went to an FFS clinic website and the "after" faces are sooo soooo beautiful 🥺

And I'm like... wow, it's a radical change. Furthermore, I think I can reach the budget for that in a year!

But at the same time I don't know if I'm ready for it yet. Is it possible to ask for an androgynous look?

I just don't want to look like a GUY wearing female clothes, just as I don't want to look too girly when wearing guy clothes (at least... not yet 🥺👉👈).

Have you folks gone through this?

For context, I don't suffer severe dysphoria and I'm also anxious by the prospect of coming out to my family in the face of (no pun intended lol) a radical change of appearance - but I also love the thought of going to the street, looking like a girl (and a hot girl) and getting a lusty stare or two (preferedly by lesbians :heart_eyes_cat_lesb: )

In other words, I want to pass, but I'm scared of passing too quickly and having to face (there it is again lol) my family I'm not out to yet.

I need some guidance, guys? gals? enbyfolks?



Trans - thoughts on FFS surgery, question, boosts OK 

I would totally love to be a girl... in a social vacuum 😔

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Trans - thoughts on FFS surgery, question, boosts OK 

@yuki As someone who had FFS about six months into my transition, it saved my life. I'm a tomboy and I have gotten to actually dress and act the way I want to without ever worrying that it'll be too boyish for people to accept my gender.
If you feel you aren't ready to pass, though, I would say wait until you are until you get it. Doing things in half measures is usually unhelpful, since having to get FFS twice would absolutely suck, and you'd probably regret only getting half of what you could, since even with FFS, passing is in some ways a dance that you'll want to not have to deal with as often as possible.

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