"Why Generation X will save the web" by Heather Burns webdevlaw.uk/2021/01/30/why-ge

This is something that gnaws away at me. Gen Xers and older Millennials (like myself) are nostalgic for the old, untamed, pre-centralized internet. The younger generation has no memory of this. What are *they* fighting for? (Hint: it's not necessarily the same thing. Gen Z probably doesn't care much about the hazy memories of us "boomers," and by "boomers" I mean anyone over 30.)


We need to make a "time machine" course on the history of web, starting with Mosaic and Netscape, gopher and IRC. Maybe including explanations on how the Archie and Veronica services worked.

What went wrong with the web, what went right, how people interacted then, the AOL CDs, the eternal September, the dotcom bubble, how the advertising businesses crept into the web until it became the web as we know it.

Kids don't know this. They hate the older generation simply because it's older instead of looking at our struggles - and yet they're more than happy to subscribe to Facebook pages, "buy" Spotify music and join discord channels.

They are falling into the capitalist trap.

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