Hey yall, I really need help and am not sure what to do anymore

My wisdom teeth are very super impacted and they hurt and keep getting worse. And I also have cavities that I really need fixed. But unfortunately i live in the US I can’t afford $4000 for these essential procedures on my own

More info in my gofundme link below but if y’all could donate\boost\help in any way it’d mean a lot to me

Gofundme: bit.ly/2XtFxYt
Venmo & Cashapp: Leelumz
DM for PayPal


May I suggest going to a dentist in Mexico? I think the plane + expenses are much cheaper than a US procedure.

That said, there should be an online community for this kind of thing so that you can pick an affordable doctor without risking your health.

Personal experience: My wisdom tooth extraction cost me around 5000 pesos (one side, bottom teeth), which should be 250 dollars at most.

It was done by a maxilofacial surgeon which my dentist recommended; he was good - he used a modern technique which didn't require cutting flesh. In a few days I was able to work from home 🙂

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