so here's the deal here's the thing

- if a minor says something's bothering them, it's real
- if a minor says they're trans, it's true
- if a minor has opinions about "adult" level topics, particularly politics, it's valid. probably more valid than your opinion

- they will not "understand when they're older". you failed to understand something when you were young. stop projecting

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addendum 2

- the policy of "bathroom control" in american classrooms which appears to extend even to high school is power tripping and misogynist abuse. stop it. get some help

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Ugh. πŸ˜’ Flashbacks from Catholic school.
Fucking dystopian education model.

--- begin rant ---

To think my parents spent thousands in raising me in one of those pieces of shit. For what? To get a better job? Newsflash: It didn't work. They could've saved all that money and invest it and I'd be in a much better position now.

--- end rant ---

Sorry, got carried away. Go on. πŸ˜…


re: flashbacks 

@yuki @haskal Carried away? This is like, this is what we're here for. We never had any public school ourselves, so we have no idea what it's like.


re: Catholic school flashbacks 

This was a private school; Catholic schools are the worst. It's like being in one of those sci fi concentration camps. Teachers rule by fear and order.

But that's not the worst, bullies get away with it because they know the limits. Microaggressions always existed, we just didn't have a name for it.

Oh but you snap and then YOU get a report.

My worst memories from my childhood were from school. The good news is that the dean got what he deserved when all the high school students rebelled on him; a young relative of mine (6 yrs younger) told me, wasn't there to see it. Next thing I know, he quit and his bullshit haircut policies got rolled back.


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