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Eye contact, Cyberpunk, cleavage 

Behold! My cyberpunk novel's commission!

Ladies and gentlemen, the cover for "Pandora Downloaded"!

Congrats to Matt Zeilinger for the hard work.

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Gen-Xer born in ; since kid I was a and liked and , so it was logical I'd eventually discover the genre (, , , , , ...)

Aside from that I've done and ; have gnu/#Linux on my PC and recently I discovered .

Currently a scifi novel about and and it's my life's dream to get it published!

(Also I've been recently exploring my sexuality and it turns out I'm trans :transgender: ; specifically, nonbinary :nonbinary: and probably genderfluid :QueerCat_Genderfluid: ; it's... complicated.

Perhaps another way to explain this is that I have a "femsona" and I feel more comfortable wearing her than my male-self when talking to my close friends.

BTW, I don't know if I'll get to be comfortable with using "she/her", so it's "they/them" for now.)

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I'm Working on a neo-noir novel! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Tentative title is "Pandora Downloaded". It's about AIs, androids, a detective with a memory malfunction (brain implants screw you up) and a mysterious murder whose main culprit is a rogue android, in a "Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell" style.

Chapter 1 available here:

Donations appreciated πŸ™ , check my profile for details.

trans lives in danger 

Activists warn than the surge in legislation targeting #transgender youth (which looks far too coordinated to be anything but a conspiracy) puts the lives of those trans youth in danger

Vtuber recs? 

Which vtuber do you recommend? I'm looking for a cute girl, humorous and interesting.

today is one month til my surgery consult!!!! between gfm and saving stimulus money and squirreling away pennies, i have about half what i need saved based on the over the phone estimate, tho i will have more info after the consult on how much things will cost. in the meantime i really appreciate any shares πŸ–€

Let's make a color! 3 in 1 version. 

Part 1: Red.

Let's make a color! 3 in 1 version. 

Part 3: Blue.

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Let's make a color! 3 in 1 version. 

Part 2: Green.

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Let's make a color! 3 in 1 version. 

Part 1: Red.

I know I keep asking for #donations to help with bills and my daughter since I have no job due to covid. Please help because it’s not just for me but my daughter. She lives with her mom is can’t work. She’s undergoing treatment for breast cancer. If it wasn’t covid times she would be at work. Both my daughters parents are out of work due to covid. I plan on sharing my donations with my ex because she can’t work and has bills and our daughter to feed.

Upon seeing the knight, the Lich king shouted: Thou, fool! Do you not know the prophecy? No living man shall hinder me!

The knight, taking off their helmet, shouted back: "But no living man am I!" And they revealed a woman's face.

The Lich king laughed. Thou are still a fool! For the second part of the prophecy says that women are doomed to be our slaves!

The lich king threw his spell at the knight - and behold! The knight was not affected by the spell!

The knight smirked. "A fool, maybe, but still immune to your sorcery! Prepare to die!"

With a swift blow, the knight struck against the lich king's heart.

"What... what are you?" grunted the lich king in his last moments.

"You are looking upon not man, nor woman. A non binary person am I!"

With a final swing of their sword, the knight decapitated the lich king, and the kingdom was finally free.

Racism, wrongful arrest, petition, free shimmy 

My comrade and friend "Shimmy", a Black community organizer , has faced wrongful, charges for months culminating in job loss after counter protesting Trump supporters

Please sign / Share this petition against the racist officers involved

within the next couple days I'll be opening for commissions. If you wanna get notified immediately when I open, head to my hot discord chat and react to this status - it's the one I mention when the commissions open

Ableism / ways people talk about prince Phillip 

Hey folks. Please consider that your jokes about a bad persons personal appearance only hurts others not them. Because it applies to Phillip.

Because I am sick and I will hopefully get old. I am on a medication that long term causes hair loss and skin discolouration.
I will likely look like that when I am an old man.

Prince Phillip is dead and won’t be affected by being called a β€˜zombie’ and β€˜rotting’. Older and younger people who are chronically ill or dying and look like that will.

He was evil because he was a racist facist piece of shit. Not because he looked sick and old.

medical expences, not having money, asking for donations 

My body is not exactly in cooperative mode, and I need someone who knows how bodies in my state need to be maintained to do some maintenance on it.

I've been postponing this because it's expensive. Postponing getting health care is not very healthy, so if anyone want's to chip in a bit I'll be eternally thankful.
My donation links are (one time) or (also one time, but it looks like it's recurring)

Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

If you like you can support the community on #Patreon or #LibraPay! :patreon: or by sending Bitcoin, Ether or Stellar!

We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot ❀️

A reminder that we've got a survey open right now, seeking responses from anyone of any gender, cis or trans, who lives in an English-speaking country.


Participation tracker:

Currently at over 2,500 participants!

Listening to @copiesofcopies defend @conservancy
's DMCA exemption request to permit testing, investigation and correction of privacy issues!

There are loads of alternatives to Goodreads.

Here's a live list of book and reading services I've discovered!

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