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Hi, I'm Willow!

I'm here, I'm queer, I glow blue when orcs are near.

30, they/them, polyamorous

I like lots of nerdy shit like comic books (usually of the feminist-leaning variety), video games (of the indie/steam variety) and board games (of the co-op/tabletop RPG variety).

I just got out of grad school and I am trying to come out from under the rock that I have lived under.

I have come for your memes. :_gaysparkle:

Everyone's favourite author of surreal erotica 

can I just leave work and go home and play stardew valley

Housing, sense of security, cat friend 

Sometimes I cry when I think about dogs because they're so good and we don't deserve them. 😭

I'm curious. ^_^ Do people tend to prefer the same kind of living they grew up with, or is it the opposite?

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


Mastodon is:

βœ…β€‹ A microblogging site
βœ…β€‹ A meet queer friends site
βœ…β€‹ Polyamorous dating site
βœ…β€‹ Job search site

The person who shared this on Instagram couldn't find the source, and neither can I (why is reverse image search failing me?) but anyway, whoever designed this progressive Cool S clock is clever and hilarious


boy: boyfriend
girl: girlfriend
enby: joyfriend


Going to start calling Bootstrap "The Strap".

i believe in robust public transit, which is why my fursona is a catbus

UPDATE: The dirt now also reads "The rich do not deserve yachts while there are people who are hungry and home L E S S"

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