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Sometimes I get emails or account that I follow on social suggest the idea of being covered in moss and sometimes I am very into the idea of being covered in moss.

That is all.

Every time someone makes a stink about identifying #trans people properly all I can think about is this episode of #ds9 and like, motherfucker, Klingons figured it out. I think you can manage.

This is the only year I care about the Oscars. So much vindication for the weirdos, the closeted queer folks, the multi-generational families with language barriers.

Food, Dole whip 

Fuck yeah, floats at home baybeh!!! I can put them into my fancy tropical drink containers. :ablobcatbongo:

Short version of #Crowdfunding post. Please #boost!

I need #help escaping an #abusive environment. Government services aren’t sufficient and neither is my meagre income. I‘m #Disabled by #ChronicIllness which makes it even harder. I can’t do it alone.
Any help appreciated.

If you can help:
Australians can save me fees (I get 100% of your donation) by using for free:
Username: @halcionandon

#Boost please!

Long version with details:

#MutualAidRequest #MutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund #SevereME #pwME #MECFS #LongCovid #Covid #NEISvoid #ChronicPain #Migraine #Spoonie #DisabledSocial

In addition to the insanity of sitting in pain for hours getting a , I forgot about the annoying several days afterward spent with itchy, flaking skin that constantly needs special care. It seems like I really hate tattoos, but I don't... I think?

Anyway, here she is:

I acknowledge that I do have some privilege as a cis, femme woman - there might not really be a reason for folks to assume I am queer. However, I am also Asian and there's no way to hide that. I was also conscious of the fact that the head of the FBI recently confirmed that COVID might have come from a lab in China and just worried about how much that would become "big" news. Maybe I am just a very paranoid person in general. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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In the back of my mind though, I was almost always thinking about how I would be perceived and treated when I was outside of the convention as a queer WoC traveling alone. I know not all folks in The South are the same but I was conscious of the fact that the state had JUST banned and is aiming to restrict support for youth.

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I spent the weekend at (my first convention!) in Chattanooga, TN. Overall, it was great - the convention was created by a queer woman and filled with queer nerds who are into many fandoms and tattoos.

March 10, 8pm EST -live online

Maurice Broaddus. Rob Cameron. Gerald Coleman. Milton Davis. Errick Nunnally. And me. live.

If you tell your friends about Mastodon, you’re technically an ambassador of the federation.

Trans-supportive petition, death 

#UK #petition: Amend the Gender Recognition Act to allow for posthumous and expedited grants

You can sign if you:

- live in the UK regardless of citizenship status, or
- are a British citizen living anywhere.

#trans #BriannaGhey

TV violence, Physical:100 

Me watching the 1:1 matches in : TICKLE. THEM.

Yeah you were right all the time, there is a so called "Trans Agenda".

here it is : we want to fucking survive and we want trans kids to become happy adults.

#NonBinary trans persons deserve to be acknowledged and recognised. The UK government's refusal to do this is incredibly transphobic. What non-binary people are asking for isn't really asking for much. It doesn't infringe on the rights of others at all.

So to the #Trans and non-binary community in the UK, keep fighting for your rights everyone; because you deserve them.


Jadzia: In my defense I was left unsupervised.
Kira: Wasn't Quark with you?
Quark: In my defense I was also left unsupervised.

Mention of arachnids 

Currently doing research on getting a as a pet. They seem really cute and apparently are pretty easy to care for. I really mostly want to play with one.

I used to have a couple of death feigning beetles, those were pretty cute too.

I dunno why I love bugs as pets but apparently it’s my thing.

RT @davidsirota
A literal mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals detonated over the American heartland, after lobbyists and government officials weakened safety rules.

Just curious: Did any of the Sunday news shows bother to even mention this?

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