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tl;dr: thought an alien invasion was taking place. turned out to be my local airport's landing/takeoff lights

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Was just walking back from the shops and noticed some weird green-ish lights in the sky. Was really confused for a bit like:

Aurora Borealis? In this part of the country?

It was just a light moving linearly in the sky. Took me a while to realise that I'm right next to Gatwick and that's the aircraft guidance light thing. I've been living here for years and that was my first time noticing it.

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Turned out I'm out of noodlesoup so Chinese it is

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@Listerine@twitter.com Pro tip: if you ran out of ice cubes but still want a refreshing drink, just use a @tide@twitter.com pod as a substitute.

i should actually use mastodon holy shit

speaking of the trans™ i should actually get on hormones

so today's apparently pronoun day. bit weird but ok

but personally anything other than he/him works for me idk

random fact: i've had those fineliners since 2013 and only used them once for a media studies exam

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Remember when North Korea used the Oblivion soundtrack in a propaganda video?

Real couples give each other root access on all of their systems

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