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@porsupah Heeheehee thank youuu, I’m rly proud with how that one turned out!! LOL those photos are a bit older, so my hair is no longer that color unfortunately 😭 but I’m still proud of those photos so yea

Hello mastodon friends! I’m corvo (they/them) and I’m v excited to try this platform out! I’m a self taught armorer/chainmail artist and model ☺️ I’m hoping to make some friends here, so it’s v nice to meet y’all!

@porsupah thank you!!! I super appreciate the intro to the platform ☺️ I’ll set up an intro toot now heeheehee

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Ok ok ok but fr fr as a newbie to mastodon who’s the one to follow 🤔

Please help me I can’t stop listening to follow/unfollow by ofk band (2020) premiered at the game awards

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