Ok ok ok but fr fr as a newbie to mastodon who’s the one to follow 🤔

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@void As you're new to Masto, I should probably note the three timelines it offers: Local (everyone on, Home (everyone you follow), and Federated (more or less The Known Universe). You can see just one at a time (the default), or, all of them, if you enable the "advanced" interface in your prefs.

You could do worse than checking out the local TL. ^_^ And then maybe peek at who they're following.

An intro toot's a good way to go - that can be boosted, and people who follow the booster get to see what you're about. ^_^

@porsupah thank you!!! I super appreciate the intro to the platform ☺️ I’ll set up an intro toot now heeheehee

@void NP! Masto, being made up of so many small instances, can be a bit of a shift from anything people are used to.

(If you want a deep dive into it all, Ellie's guide does a great job:

@porsupah @void came here to offer advice, instead found an amazing open source resource for introducing friends to masto!

10/10 would join this thread again.

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