Plant people, would you help us identify this one? It grows by the roads near the house, where there's also an abundance of spearmint. We think is some kind of hybrid between spearmint and mint, but we haven't found other mint species around. Flowers and leaves don't look like regular mint photos, but it smells and tastes minty. It has a bit of the velvety texture of spearmint but not as much. Anyone knows?

@vilaeloise Possibly @InvaderXan can help?

It could also be worth trying PlantSnap (iOS, Android) - claims to be able to identify a large number of plants from a photo.

@porsupah @vilaeloise
There are so many kinds of mint, it's hard to say. Peppermint might be the most likely guess.

It's not apple mint, pineapple mint, ginger mint, lavender mint, or eau de cologne mint. It doesn't look like pennyroyal or catmint, but I can't be entirely certain about those.

Maybe that helps a little?

@InvaderXan @porsupah I thought of peppermint, although flowers seem a lot different... Now that I check pennyroyal I see flowers are more alike to that than to common mints, but still leaves are clearly minty. Plantsnap doesn't give an ID either, so I guess this is a weird mint hybrid. It seems good enough for cooking anyway so we'll be trying to grow it, thanks to both of you for the answers and the app suggestion which will be quite useful!

@mirsal @porsupah @InvaderXan It looks quite similar, at least flowers do, but do you know if lemon balm leaves smell and taste minty?

@vilaeloise @InvaderXan @porsupah yes, they do, they're often used together with mint in herbal teas because the tastes complement each other very well
@vilaeloise @InvaderXan @porsupah it also has a habit of growing close to spearmint, I am fairly confident in this identification :3

@mirsal @porsupah @InvaderXan The other plant seems like could be apple mint (mentha suaveolens) rather than spearmint, but I'm not 100% sure about that. In any case, if it is lemon balm let's hope we can get it to grow roots. The usual method of leaving a cut in water to root can work for lemon balm or is it better if we pot it?

@vilaeloise @InvaderXan @porsupah maybe remove the flowers though, it is a bit late for cuttings but hopefully not too late.

@mirsal @porsupah @InvaderXan I'll do that, let's see if we get lucky. Thanks so much!

@vilaeloise Totally not an expert, but to me it looks like catnip (Nepeta cataria).

@ploy Thanks! Flower's purple spots are quite similar indeed. Sad thing is the cutting is withering without rooting, so it seems we won't we able to grow it after all...

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