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We are not going to share identifiable pics of the village or the house due to safety reasons, nor the exact location, we hope you all will be understanding about it. Pics on header and profile pic are of another locations in the area.

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Vila Eloise is a house project located in a village in Galiza (northwest of Iberian peninsule).

We are just setting the house ready for visitors. Staying is free (some abilities trade is appreciated whenever possible) and we plan to offer a work space for artists, meetups and workshops.

Every queer person is welcome, we are a safe space for people of any gender id or orientation (including all non binary genders, a-spec, pan people...) and sex workers. See our site for more info on our philosophy and stances.

Financial solidarity requested. Trans Woman struggling to rebuild from moving from a transphobic apartment complex 3 months ago 

I made this google drive folder for a friend who facilitates radical online reading groups for black folks

its a collection of ebooks related to black liberation from my Verso, Haymarket, PM Press, and Seven Stories Press digital libraries

The idea that people don't work without monetary incentive is sooo weird.

In the Nederlands there are currently 9 million paid jobs and 6 million volunteers. 40% of all jobs are already being done with no monetary incentive.

Which include cleaning up other people's literal shit in any place from festivals to elderly homes, and running into a burning building to save others (thanks @pbandkate )

& people volunteer into their late 90s because having a positive impact on the world feels good


i am #disabled in more ways than one, and i work on a farm. it’s hard but i love it. it unfortunately does not pay well (we are a non profit doing rescue work for #pigs) and capitalism exists as do my health issues (which are exacerbated by my work...)

my dog is also destructive as hell and costs me money almost daily with what she breaks

if you’d like to support you local #queer pig farmer pls consider doing so here

We have apples! They are still a bit green, but looks like it won't take much longer!

Reminder abt climate change 

Plant people, would you help us identify this one? It grows by the roads near the house, where there's also an abundance of spearmint. We think is some kind of hybrid between spearmint and mint, but we haven't found other mint species around. Flowers and leaves don't look like regular mint photos, but it smells and tastes minty. It has a bit of the velvety texture of spearmint but not as much. Anyone knows?

boost this toot if you are unemployed or underemployed due to invisible disabilities
if you desire, comment with some of the ways you cope with stigma, guilt, or just making ends meet

If you want to seriously change inequality there is a small thing you can do. Support a small southern US black owned coop so they can pasteurize their awesome pecan milk to have a longer shelf life so they can ship it. This coop must survive but they are in a catch-22 where they do not make enough to qualify for a loan. Their product is so good that it will be a sustainable coop venture. Without us they have no real way out. Ideas are welcomed.

Last autumn, I read a Scottish folk custom where chestnuts were brought into the home in the fall, to attract unwanted energies that migrate into the house as the weather turns chill. You later discard the nuts to discard the unwanted energy or energetic beings.

Walking down the street the other day, I found a tree dropping #Chestnuts and filled up one of my pockets with undamaged nuts. #UrbanMagick

DNA from cigarette leads to Dakota Access arrest warrant 3 years later.

Police are keeping genetic material databases of dissidents. Masking-up is only so much protection in the Imperial core. Stay safe comrades.

"we live in capitalism; its power seems inescapable. so did the divine right of kings."
—ursula k. le guin, in her acceptance speech for the national book foundation’s medal for distinguished contribution to american letters, 2014

portland / homophobia / racism / slurs 

What’s it like making $$$ and staying safe as a #trans or #nonbinary #escort, cammer, #pornstar, pro domme, sugar baby, etc.? Please consider telling us about it. #TransPULSECanada is a national community-based survey of trans/non-binary health. Visit

If you're not in favour of universal and unconditional:

🍍 Housing
🍍 Drinkable water
🍍 Food
🍍 Medical care
🍍 Income

If it's your considered belief that some people literally deserve to die of starvation or exposure or something because they aren't good enough at *making money*:

You're a monster, please un-follow me

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