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don't let tumblr make you think this 🦒 is better than this 🐒

damn bitch link me to the site you get those clown shoes from

there it is. tehre it is . there it

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Wanted to draw everyone's favorite Archfey, Artagan from Critical Role.

Hope we get to see him on this campaign... Or maybe we already have 👀

#criticalrole #criticalrolefanart #criticalroleart #creativetoots #art #MastoArt

i'm the bitch that's missing from the show and the reason nothing makes sense

don't let tumblr make you think this 🦒 is better than this 🐒

am i gonna get banned from this instance because i don't think cishets belong in the lgbt community just because they don't like fucking

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there's like One that looks good but it costs money hey kinnies me 3 dollars

the only apps that aren't ugly as shit are still in development i do not deserve this

oh this is kinda sexy but the profiles look so fucking ugly

i love following people out of tags without looking at their accounts and then seeing "don't follow if you're an anti or an ace exclusionist" damn b how many levels of freak are you on

how do i get some mutuals is that how it works on here i'm summoning every kinnie on this website

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