I can't feel anything at all about main stream queer rep in comics when i actively see it erased and whatever. like i use to be mad but now I just don't care.

Listen to Trueselves my 6th episode just went up this is maybe the best podcast ever made.

if you missed it on twitter me and my partner looked cute as fuck today. the true a
Harley Ivy.

here is my letter to closeted trans women (although maybe it's good for other trans women).


life has been super stressful lately and it stinks that I failed what shoulda been my ladt class but I'm also super excited for all the projects I'm working on and life progress.

all terfs should die, all bigots in general should die.

Working on a little letter for trans ladies in the closet. I know so many girls who refuse to transition or come out not cuz they don't want to but their afraid of what might happen if they do. Like if they can reach their goals or whatever and I just want them to know they aren't alone.

i forgot to share this here but here is my switch friend code.

my upcoming comic lipstick is starting, got my artist partner and together we bring you lots of badass lesbian action with sex and killing bigots and lots of fun

Honestly once a week main stream comics show their transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist or multiple at once. Their is never any actual blow back for these people. people always will be there to say "but what about the other people on their books" or some other shit but I am so fucking tired. I've stopped buying main stream shit for a while now but I want it to be better yet these are rhe scum that have job security. i swear one day I'll run a publisher that doesn't put up with this shit.

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