If you're bored of raging at NFTs, may I introduce you to: the fine art market?

South Africa is a country, Africa is a continent, America is a country, South America is a continent

I don't even remember opening YouTube, how am I watching a video on an 8 bit 1hz computer built in minecraft...

Word play joke with implied murder 

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, give a man to fish and you feed them for a lot longer

Gendered kink terms, comedy 

❎Size queen
❎Size king
✅Size sovereign
That is all

Anyone else think "I Just Kinda Wish You Were Gay" was more like this song when you first heard it?
(Abbey Glover - I Wish You Liked Girls)

Just a friendly reminder because the media here seems to forget, the fight against Coastal Gaslink ain't over

"i'll sleep when im dead!" i say as mommy tucks me to bed. "sleep is for the weak!" i yell as she hums a lullaby and i instantly doze off

nudity, furries i guess, furries for purchase 

hey i really need some money to pay for cat food and shampoo so here is a lovely devil dog that COULD BE YOURS!
- AUTOBUY: $100
paypal only. once purchased you will recieve the full res file uncensored and unwatermarked. bid in replies or offer me in dms

When you get 8 bunnies in a room that's a rabbyte

- Hyenas are super cooperative
- Hyenas eat smelly humans
- Hyena girls with dicks are both considered "natural" & aren't treated like shit

Hyenas are ALSO matriarchal


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lewd, beyblade 

seeking a top who'll let me rip

There is a floating cat sanctuary in Amsterdam called De Poezenboot.

"Queer theory" 

I don't know the specifics of the current debate but I do know that at least in certain English circles, criticism of 'queer theory' has been used as a pivot from more explicit forms of transphobia.

I put 'queer theory' in quotation marks because they're criticizing queer theory as much as Jordan Peterson is criticizing postmordernism, which is to say, not at all, it's just a label they've found to kind of vaguely indicate the people they're opposed to.

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