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What features would you like to see in pixelfed?

After federation support is released we can focus on other features πŸ˜‰

@pixelfed I'd like to see in your FAQs (or homepage) what federation support means for new users to Mastodon/Pixelfed, along with other reason to support Pixelfed instead of Instagram, et. al.

A Photo Sharing Experience
for everyone

doesn't really tell anyone much.

@ster Haha, I know what you mean. It certainly can feel that way, even if you know that it's not rationale.

One of the expansions comes with a deck of cards you can draw from instead of rolling, which causes each number to come up in exactly the statistical chance (my terrible numeracy means I might not be explaining this well). So, like, the odds of a 7 are X% per roll, normally. In the deck, there are X number of 7s, based on the statistical head hurts. LOL

Played of again today.
I want people to with me here, so please
This game pisses me off, for 2 reasons
1) The takes half your cards and often punishes people who are struggling anyway. I got stuck with 8 cards and lost ones I wanted. Why not just discard down to 7 cards?
2) Development cards aren't fun. They're too and it makes it hard to tell when someone is going to win. They're not skill-based, and uncontrollable

climate change 

We can't prevent climate change, we are already living on a changed planet, anyone who's a millennial or younger has only ever known a warming world. All we can do is slow it down, mitigate the damage, but we won't.

I don't know how you deal with this if you're a climate scientist.

To be more transparent about server blocks, I have decided to follow the example of others and publish a list:

That list is now linked from our about page. It also explains how different block severities work.

You might notice that is on the list. It's at the very least a temporary measure because our mods had to deal with a lot of problematic content coming from that place yesterday.

bofa meta 

Wow, bofa was apparently bad enough to get silenced by m.s

the pride flag next to your name means your verified on mastodon and you best do as we say or we'll tussle your hair

I'm now accepting commissions! ✨ Currently only for Twitch Emotes and Sub Badges since I'm a busy child, but if you're interested you can check out my prices and info here: Here's some examples of Twitch Emotes I've done before ↓ ↓ ↓

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

At this point, I’m pretty sure that the tech industry uses β€œengagement” as a euphemism for β€œaddiction.”

@jk Idea: instance where people don't say anything and just listen instead

I have installed some apps on my #kdeneon system, like KeepassXC, CopyQ, Simplescreenrecorder, but unfortunately the tray icon doesn't show up. This make these apps almost unusable.
Have you the same problem? Any solution?
Thank you

Wilw lol don't block me yet 

Q: What can we learn from this?

A: Mastodon, and the people on it, aren't perfect.


Can a person on instance X issue reports on instance Y about a person on instance Y?

It appears that @wilw is being driven off that instance because the admins are getting too many reports every day.

Would he be "safe" from the dogpiling on a smaller instance?

Check in with yourself a few times each day and take a moment to process your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them build up.

There's a lot of customer culture attitude in Mastodon-the-community, where people treat Gargron and other devs, the instance admins, moderators, etc. like service workers. It's a spoiled, entitled attitude, where "the customer is always right" and it's okay to be abusive or demeaning to people providing a service when they don't give you what you want.

The fediverse isn't a corporate model. When you're rude or demeaning to someone here, you're being abusive to volunteers building a playground

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