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@acousticmirror "Unionized In The Butt And Now Everyone Is Safer, Happier And Better Paid" is an important work in the field.

We must show solidarity with all workers, regardless of if they're hot shirtless triceratops or not.

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Are you enjoying the comfort of your Tesla electric vehicle?

Has your car automatically locked and is driving itself to San Francisco?

Congrats! You have been chosen to work at Twitter until they can bring their staff back.

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Remember this picture every single time you hear someone in your city say "we're not Amsterdam." This was #Amsterdam in the 1970's. The cities we admire made better choices regarding cars, and are still making them today.

Better choices instead of excuses.

#cities #cityplanning #urbanplanning

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@sonushka I'll note two things:

1. kitsch beats camp by a wide margin.
2. The meme option always wins

(Based on a long-running phantom kitsch or camp debate between me and @celesteh)

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Very important poll!!!

Is the of the Opera

Sometimes, I like to feed my dog treats while he lies on his back like a Roman emperor

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