I never said i wanted to like discord, but there's no way you can argue that discord isnt much easier for more people to use, being web based and free. I know that they sell data, and that's bad, but so does your phone. So does your search engine. If you stop using a better product due to selling data, then sadly, itll just get sold by something else you use

@somethingRight @popefucker

Defeatism is so stupid. Minor improvements to security work wonders.

If youve ever had a stalker, an abuser, if you are a targeted minority are all good reasons to be security conscious. I dont want google having my data because I might work for them in the future and they dont need to know enough about me to take advantage of me as an employee.

We should fight to normalize security consciousness.

Also Matrix is on par with discord in terms of ease of use.


I do agree its stupid, i just hadn't heard of any alternatives. Thanks for introducing me to matrix, I'll look into it

@somethingRight @popefucker If you agree that defeatism is stupid, then you have to backtrack on that whole "whatever your phone is doing it anyways" thing.


I agree its stupid, but im not gonna try and act like something isn't almost always tracking you

@somethingRight @popefucker
just cause its impossible to be anonymous 101% of every waking moment doesnt excuse data collection practices. thats like the "but he started it!" of privacy
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