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I will continue executing a new Pleroma instance at noon every day until my demands are met

IT'S FREE SEEDS TIME AGAIN if you're in the UK, boost please! 

this year i have no allotment and less garden space and hence less need for seeds. i will post excess ones to you if you're in the uk

as a disclaimer, many of the packets have been open a while and/or have passed their use-by date by a few months, but they're free so who cares right

seeds marked * are ones i've harvested myself, of whose viability i make no guarantee

i'll list available seeds below, reply if you're interested!

Big finishes Masterful 

So it was everything a doctor who anniversary special should be: pure fan service.

I really liked it.

Good exploration of the masters character(s) it was just a shame they couldn't get the latest one for at least a cameo.

Sometime analogue is better.
The lack of features can BE the feature I need most.

Whatever happened to the idiosyncratic industrial design for personal electronics from the 2000s?

They might not have been the most usable devices, but man, they were glorious.

Good morning beautiful faces 🍃

:meowcamera: Golden hour combined with windmills and bendy roads is quite a combination.

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"I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have heart and stomach of a cyborg pterodactyl"
- queen Elizabeth 1st

Happy Public Domain Day 2021! We should be able to celebrate a lot more works becoming free each year (terms are indefensibly long, even if you believe that copyright law itself has merit), but let's celebrate the growth of the commons regardless. This article has a good overview of some works that are now free:

Doctor who spoilers 

So they are just full on setting up the big finish companion spinoffs in the main show now?

i get uncomfortable when i see posts that talk about inclusivity of autistic people on here that generally amount to 'other people are more autistic than you'.

i get there are people who can't mask as well as me or at all, i get it's a spectrum, but i also know when i can't caption an image or misconstrue something i've read or just show even a glimpse of my autism it's absolutely assumed to be some sort of neurotypical mean reaction.

and why? because of that way of thinking. because im 'less autistic', which by the way, you have no way of showing

wow this looks really cool. It's a decentralised libre version of some of the features of keybase.

Keyoxide allows you to link accounts on various online services and platforms together, prove they belong to you and establish an online identity. This puts you, the internet citizen, in charge when it comes to defining who you are on the internet instead of large corporations.

May old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to.mind something auld lang sine! Happy new year!

Shoogle is a community-driven project to provide up-to-date information on shopping opportunities in every region of the world.

Help and improve the data basis by adding missing places to the OpenStreetMap.

Made by @midzer

Sent you my cottingly fairy photographs, please respond.

Dear tablet designers,

Stop putting in rear cameras. Just one really good front facing one for video calls is all anyone needs.

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