Latest stage capitalism 

Omg, what is we KISSED馃檧 in the mandatory corporate wellness box

Latest stage capitalism 

@solarbear @thegibson you know, Amazon usually deserves all the shit it gets. But this is them providing a convenient space for people who pray to do so, and choosing clearly non-denominational/not necessarily religious descriptors for it and keeping it open to all

This specific thing is a weird thing to give them shit for

re: Latest stage capitalism 

@calcifer @solarbear

I dunno... it gives me some super bad vibes...

I'm not against people have a place to observe their beliefs, but that's not what this feels like.

re: Latest stage capitalism 

@thegibson @solarbear Amazon does so much creepy shit that it's perfectly reasonable to suspect bullshit; I don't blame anyone for that at all

But having done a lot of my life in warehouses, this looks different to me. It looks exactly like the "mindfulness room" in my last workplace, adapted for a warehouse environment. Did corporate do it in lieu of stuff that could meaningfully improve worker conditions? Probably. It's Amazon

But it's still actually a good thing to do

re: Latest stage capitalism 

@calcifer @thegibson @solarbear

Its contrasts with the dead bodies you gotta step over to reach it tho

re: Latest stage capitalism 

@TheGibson @calcifer @solarbear I mean, just looking at it, it simply doesn't have the footprint for an average adult to take any position but standing or (very cramped) sitting. So it's no help for e.g. muslim prayer or yoga. It's a "sit on the bench and watch our Wellness Message" booth exclusively.

Latest stage capitalism 

@solarbear I predict them measuring it & sanctioning employees

"employee #345872, you have exceed your allocated mindfulness hours for the week. your services are no longer required, please vacate the building"

re: Latest stage capitalism 

@solarbear I'm waiting for Buddha to come down and swaffel* this peep who came up with this to nirvana and back.


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