Now disney has it's claws in Dr who, does that make Nyssa a Disney princess?

Hi! I'm Megalodon – the new name for my fork of Mastodon for Android. I exist because the official app is lacking many important features, which I intend to bring back!

Some features include:

• Unlisted posting
• Federated timeline
• Alt text viewer
• Bookmarks
• Pinning posts
• Handling follow requests

… and many more!

Visit my GitHub for downloads and more information:

#Introductions #Mastodon #Megalodon #Mastodos #MastoDev #Android #MastodonAndroid

Earlier today I was beat up by my partner in a transphobic hate crime. I’ve been too embarrassed to say it but I need to find friends in this community to help me cope and find a safe place to stay. I have rent money. Please boost #trans #transgender #lgbtq #disability

You and I and everyone here are part of the first 10 million people on the fediverse.

We are setting the cultural and technical norms for the next few decades.

So if there's something you wish Mastodon did, or ActivityPub did, just start acting like it already exists.

If enough people want it or need it, it will get added by the software and protocols later.

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I would actually prefer it if it became an inbuilt option for WordPress sites.

I've tried the Activitypub plugin on 3 differe t sites and it doesn't work on any of them

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So the news that Tumblr will be adding activity pub to the site is interesting.
Part of me is excited because it could signal the start of the crumbling of the walled garden internet.

On the down side it would be the first large scale, corporate, and badly moderated site on the fediverse.

Op sec problems with mastodon:

If your admin behaves like a silicon valley company, they could mine your data!

Sure, your instance may seem small and cozy, but what if its a long con?

Have you met your mod(s)? Hone on a picnic with them? Actors! Pretending to be lovely queers! Trust no one! Enclose your devices in Faraday cages! Move into a cave and speak only to passing sheep!

new instances making waves in the fediverse: tech related parody brands black fedi journalism unions vtubers

also a new hosting provider for those who want to set up their own mastodon:


Request for mastodon users- any recommendations for fine/modern art accounts that just tweet pictures with the artist name? Have a host on twitter but not found them here

God of war spoiler 

God of war 2:
Fate is a monster you can punch.

God of war 5:
There's no fate, only the predictability of you making the choices that fit your personality, and to change fate you must grow and change as a person.

Woo. Mastodon added webp support back in, along with other higher compression formats.

🎉 #Mastodon 4.0 is out now! This server software update includes a ton of improvements, like following hashtags, translating posts, editing, an improved filtering system, customizable user roles for administration, but also some important security fixes.

Check out the full changelog:

I'm aware of allowing a prominent transphobic journalist from the UK to join.

I haven't suspended *yet* but I am watching closely.

(I have of course suspended the terf)

Ngl, as someone who worked in tech before the rise of social media, I'm here for the demise of platforms like twitter and facebook. Everything is concentrated in the hands of a few billionaires and, we've seen repeatedly what a terrible idea that's been.

The doctor, "i was trapped for billions of years in a disk designed to torture me into giving up my secrets"

saphire and steel: "we were trapped in a little chef for eternity"

the doctor: "ok you win"

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