Hmm, the NFT bros really are trying to worm themselves into solarpunk spaces.

If there is one bug vulnerability it has is the focus on technological solutions does supeficially resemble the more shallow aspects of tech bro utopianism

UK pol (+) 

Good news coming out about the policing bill vote. Looks like the government is loosing on every major vote on it.

Bottom Autumn is over, we’re well into Daddy December

husband job stuff 

so, the husband was basically told if he underwent an occupational health screening and was found to be as bad as he said, he would lose his job.

So he handed in his notice instead. His job replied by asking him to reconsider and revoke his notice and undergo the screening anyway.

What they hell? :blobconfused:

Question of the day: murder aside, is Bluebeard's request not to open one room legit? And, is it more or less legit considering what's in the room?

The kiju franchise urge to build a giant mech shaped like the giant monster you are trying to stop.

Me: gods, people need to stop making every program an election app. Its devouring my computer's resources

Also me: I don't care if python is resource inefficient compared to other languages, it's easy for me to code on.

Four Thieves Vinegar Collective turned their workshop presentation on making your own chemical #abortion medicine into a video, and have uploaded it to a secure location. 17 minute watch :boost_requested:

if anyone's company is hiring a work from home credit controller, please get in touch asap

Horrible news 

Like, I keep telling myself if he needs to get a new job that's going to be a lot easier this time. Wfh is now an option and he has a much stronger CV this time.

But I still find myself panicking. The last stretch of unemployment was the worst patch of my life.

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Horrible news 

So husband may be losing his job soon.

He's been working from home with agoraphobia, and his work has told him he needs to start coming back in to finish his training for his role, and if he can't do that he will be let go.

He's really not in a place to do that with his mental health the way it is.

I'm such a fucking idiot for thinking things were going to be ok and would become financially stable. I just got into a new phone contract and everything.

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