So one of the weirdest side effects of my ADHD meds is it makes some words and letters seem "wrong".
Not spelt wrong. Just like they shouldn't work as words.

Today the number 9 looks wrong.

UBI? No you miss heard me.
I said I support QBI.
It's like UBI but its only given to queer people.

England (-) 

The collective english psyche is basically Ms havisham at this point.

Stuck in the rotting remains of our imagined glory, only motivated by spite towards those who hope for better.

Corporate pride 

Overall I am against corperatisation of pride.
However I do think there is a place for buisnesses if they have actually paid their dues.
Like absolute vodka, in the midst of the aids crisis when gay publications were almost closing due to advertises dropping them like a stone, absolute vodka kept them afloat by signing long-term contracts.

Essentially buisnesses who have actually helped the community in a consistent and material way should be given a bit of leeway.

The fact that the guy who invented bionic reading is getting upset that people are making their own free version rather than paying to use it warms my heart.
Trying to paywall an accessibility tool is a rotten thing to do.

Im really enjoying seeing people post about thier first trips on the Elizabeth line.
It feels almost Victorian in a way, to have a kind of excitement around a new Trainline.
It's nice to know people can celebrate big public infrastructure projects.

Gross housecleaning 

Just left the kitchen extractor fans to soak in the sink and this was all the grease that came out of them 🤢

Need to remember to do them more often.

Is there a an ereader thats not attached to a big DRM store.
Just an indi device that does epub?

Ok, so this new bionic thing for ADHD reading is just bolding the first three letters of a word right?
I could probably make a script to easily convert my ebooks to be formatted that way 🤔

I don't need another tea set.
I don't need another tea set.
I don't need another tea set.

I always find it ironic aloe plants can get sunburnt.
Also, how have you gotten sunburnt on a north facing window?

So had a bit of a play about on a live usb version of Kbuntu.
You know I am really tempted to switch over to it as my main os. It feels nicer to use than Ubuntu's gnome and I'm loving the feel of it.

Hell, of someone more experience wants to collaborate if be very open to that.

The basic idea is it would be a media focused client that uses a similar design to tiktok, where you swipe through each post individualy rather than as a timeline.

It would be a hybrid activitypub and RSS client, where you could add RSS feeds In with your following timeline.

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Question for the hive mind. I want to try and create my own android app for mastodon/fediverse, but I am an extremely low code in experience.

What's a good language/tool to start in for someone like me?

I find it really Interesting that after years of pushing for wide-screen as the default, video formats in 5:4 and 1:1 are becoming common again because they are more versatile across devices.

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