I feel like part of the reason that Sonic as a character kind of fell apart was that the only reasonable conclusion to his 90's attitude was vehement anticapitalism and radical love and acceptance, and Sega, a capitalist entity incapable of all three of those things, cannot abide by those traits.

hey babe are you ok? you've barely touched your federated decentralized microblogging social media...

Ok, ok, I know the focus on personal consumer choices is only a distraction from the industrial and system change desperately needed.

But I am really excited that a no packaging shop just opened up round the corner.

It's literally 5 minutes walk away and sells all the consumables I could need.

They even do herbal teas!

One of the most helpful tips I've gotten about cleaning with ADHD is to stop thinking of it like a task, and to remeber it's actually a cycle.

Like night and day and summer and winter, my home will be messy at times and it will be tidy at times, and one will follow the other.

It's helped get rid a lot of the stress and self recrimination I feel.

Glad Midsommar to you all in Scandinavia, the pagans, and those that celebrate the wheel of the year - and a lovely Green Holidays to the Ukrainian folks.

It's always amused me to no end that the Ukrainian Days of the Dead are at the height of summer. One decorates the house with greenery and then goes to the fields and has picnics on the graves of one's family! Also, one tries not to run afoul of the undead spirits who will tickle you to death.

Ok, I greeted the solstice sunrise like a good little druid, now I'm going back to bed. 😴

Gundam wing is for gays.

Evangelion is for trans people.

Question, has anyone tried to build a fediverse alternative to tiktoc yet?

If anyone else on here has a MusicBrainz account with voting capabilities, could you help me change the name for a transgender artist?
There's an editor on there who consistently votes against my edits to remove the artist's deadname with the usual tired excuses.


This is just one release of many of her, so if you vote in favour, I would also appreciate if you could subscribe to edits for that artist.

A tale of two IRC networks:

#Freenode: kicked us out of our channels, harassed one of our ops on their home page, made supposedly "draft" policy changes to permit hate speech

#LiberaChat: participated in *our* forum to address questions about governance and non-profit structure and asked for feedback on improvements: <meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php>

Hmm πŸ€”

Babe, what's wrong? You barely applied your sonic brand testosterone gel.

Loki S01E02 

Woo, lady loki! And their crown is a mix of agent of Asgard Loki and modern Loki.

I wonder if we will see any more of roxxon

Loki thoery 

Theory, there are no timekeepers, it's all Kang, and the sacred timeline is just his way of ruling over time.

There is no sense of guilt greater than accidentally stepping on a snail at night.

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