I'm actually curious to see how the new Apple m1 chip does for stuff like video editing and media rendering.

#OpenStreetMap: The best world map for #accessibility
On International Day of Persons with Disabilities, here's how #OSM can be used for everyone.

So today I learnt about the old comic for the daleks called "the one in a million dalek" about a dalek with a mutation that allows it to appreciate beauty.
It's starts a flower collection and starts to decorate it's casing with flowers.

Damnit I want a big finish about my sweet cottage core soft dalek!

Work burnout 

I'm burning out at work and it's right as a massive client onboarding is happening that I'm losing my weekend to.


cyber monday was originally a pagan festival that got appropriated by the christians

Carol of the bells is the best Christmas song of all time.

No differing opinion will be countenanced.

selfie / ec
i joined masto in 2018 and made a few great pals but i also got talking to this guy bc he had a cute butt and was very nice. exactly two years ago today we met for the first time when he came to my house and we've been together ever since. love you ed. (this photo is from last year bc long distance in times of covid)

You know, Beyonetta 2 cutscenes are my favorite Christmas movie.

The Last Geomancer by @WanderingBeekeeper is a project I find exciting, exploring themes of colonialism, solidarity, mysticism, and more. No matter how it turns out you can't fault it for lack of ambition, and the scenes shared so far are vivid and fun to read! jackhollow.substack.com/p/2020

wait, why can i remote subscrie to a peertube channel in mastodon but not from another peertube account?

Channeling my inner Solarpunk with my generative flower coat.

Hey so, Salesforce just bought Slack. Salesforce has a history of monetizing things they buy in really aggressive manners so I'm expecting some Changes there soon.

If you use Discord, I'll also note that when a thing's main competition has a problem is when companies choose to make Big Moves so don't be shocked if Discord makes major changes or either gets bought themselves very soon.

I've been banging the drum of "Have backups for your communities" for years now, but it's more serious now.

Staying in bed with a mug of tea, listening to the River and 10th Doctor big finish audio this morning.

Now it's time for my new drag queen philosophy slam track "Foucault she betta don't"

Had the wild idea that maybe indie creators use Black Friday to boost our work and profits instead of shrinking them even further.

Thus: Boost Friday!

Increase your prices for the Black Friday period to give people the chance to support your work.

Feel free to join!

Historians? I think you mean 'the past fandom'

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