Doctor who, big finish, war master 

I'm never sure I like the war master series.
Mostly because they always have the Master mentally torturing people for fun.

I love The evil genius trope, but I don't enjoy just emotional sadism. Especially as in the master series he gets away with it with no consequences.

Really didn't like the way they treated Jo grant and nissa.

So what if I made a startup to get venture capital that just makes a fax machine. But I never acnowledge it's a just a fax machine.

I can talk about how it's a groundbreaking device for bringing the tactile mental health wellness properties of using pen and paper into the digital age.

If you're in London and might enjoy a spectacular anime feature:

"Belle" is receiving three screenings in October's London Film Festival, on Oct 7, 10, and 17. =:D It's the latest from the director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Mirai, and more. The music video for the ending number, "U.", gives a good idea of what's in store:

1999: Hundreds of boys queuing up to go see The Matrix

2021: Hundreds of those same girls queuing up to go see The Matrix

Job hunting 

So there's plenty of good QA jobs about but they all want a degree of automation experience.
I'm thinking I may have to postpone my plans by 6 months to hopefuly get some automation skills under my belt.

It's definitely highlighted how stagnant my job has been

At our home, have evolved passed bi lighting and moved on to lesbian flag lighting.

Autistic Brits Nationwide Appreciate Opportunity To Collectively Wash And Line-Dry Favourite Warm Jumpers Before The Oncoming Annual 9-Month Rainy Season

Cottagecore folks and city-obsessed hipsters get along because they've both been deeply traumatized by suburbia

checking with the tree of life real quick to find out how many pints are in a cup just American things

You can form a discussion group on the Fediverse using Guppe:

You can see a group's posts by following the group's account.

You can post to a group by mentioning that account in a message.

You can also start a new group by mentioning it in a message.

You can see a list of existing groups on the site at

#FediTips #Groups #Fediverse #Guppe #MastoTips #Mastodon

I like when people mispronounce big words; they are probably more of a reader than a talker

I really like the Ashkenazi superstition that you shouldn't name a baby after someone still living because it might confuse the Angel of Death, because it implies that almighty God, baruch haShem, entrusted the sacred and solemn task of mortality to an angel who was a bit of an idiot

Happy new year, everyone! May it, finally, be a significantly sweeter one!

French & Swiss SHAMES :

ProtonMail Shares Activist's IP Address With Authorities Despite Its No Log Claims.

End-to-end encrypted email service provider ProtonMail has drawn criticism after it ceded to a legal request and shared the IP address of anti-gentrification activists "Youth for Climate" with law enforcement authorities, leading to their arrests in France.

The received a legally binding order from the Swiss Federal Department of Justice related.

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