I think I'll try and do the first video chat of the new year tomorrow evening.

Sorry I've not been organised about this folks.

American gods se03ep1 

I heartily approve of the new gods being led by electra ubundance.

A long shot, because Masto seems to be a magical place where long shots work: does anyone want old copies of Cycling UK magazine from the past few years? Will post (within the UK) if you either refund me the postage or donate the equivalent to a charity of your choice.

Otherwise I'll just put them in the recycling.

The Smithsonian are putting all their photos, 2d and 3d models and texts out for public use under a creative commons zero licence!


Romantic comedy about a love triangle. But that's ok because they are all Polly.
The drama comes from their terrible time management skills.

#sporespondence fungi.com/products/mycelium-ru
#solarpunk Mushrooms can be used to remove plastics and heavy metals from soil, common oyster mushrooms can help counteract the effects of an oil spill. Mushrooms are an integral part of healing the biosphere from the ravages of capitalism. fungi.com/blogs/articles/the-p This book is worth getting your hands on.

veganuary was created by the romans and named in honor of the god veganus, deity of month theming

UK, trans, passports, - 

Here we go again! The UK gov't intends to out trans people applying for a new passport.

"In a response to an initiative to prevent registered sex offenders hiding their new identities, the Home Office stated '.. we intend to also amend our existing Home Office guidance so that only enrolled deed polls (through the Royal Courts of Justice) are accepted as a proof of name change.'"

"Enrolling a deed poll is an arcane process that results in the address, previous name and new name of the applicant being published in The Gazette (the official public record) This means that if a transgender person wishes to change their name on their passport or driving licence or other government issued documentation, they will need to put their gender status and address in the public record.

Transgender people will thus have a Hobson’s choice: they either keep their driving licence and passport in their old name and out themselves whenever they use it or they out themselves permanently."

"At the moment this shocking proposal is at an early stage and we have seen that if a sufficiently loud fuss is made the government will listen. Write to your MP! Write newspaper articles! Post about this on social media! Don’t let the government remove people’s rights by stealth."


It's 100% valid to want cw'ed political posts

Reminder: Breath out.
Uncleanch your jaw. Drink some water.
Drink more water than that.
No, more than that.
Keep drinking water.
Forget the glass, just drink endlessly from the tap.
Don't stop till you are more water than human.

There, Doesn't that feel better?

it never hurts to give thanks to the local gods; you never know who might be hungry

Crypto currency is like Rick and Morty.

It's an alright concept ruined by a horrible, fanatical fanbase.

I feel like venus from that liveaction ninja turtles never got her due.
Like, she was terribly written but could be interesting in a future reboot.

Judith Butler 

i watched an hour long interview with Judith Butler and i am absolutely blown away. i recognise that Judith is often critcised and rightfully so, but this interview alone was overwhelmingly positive. it's a massive reassurance to me to have such a prominent figure speak in support of being nonbinary—my gender identity—with such philosophical and scientific knowledge, conviction, and passion.

'the gay civil war' thoughts 

This seems like it's not just about the cruise itself. It seems like an outlet for the collective frustration about the ''no fats fems or Asian" gays by the not-garbage gays.

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