Folks who're annoyed about the inability to move to another instance without being able to take your followers with you:

"Account migration" has been a feature request on the Github issue list for quite a long time.

It is a BIG job, but it is on the list and the devs are aware of it. It could take a long time.

Clicking through to the issue on Github and clicking "thumbs-up" and leaving a comment about your suboptimal new-user experience is really helpful.

CC @chuckwendig

@cassolotl @chuckwendig In the interim, I have a Python3 script that can migrate follows, if anyone is interested.

@cassolotl @chuckwendig
It grabs everyone you follow from one account/instance and follows them from the other account/instance. Followers. . .nothing can be done there at the moment.

@snoot @chuckwendig That seems like a lot of work when you can manually export and then import in about 30 seconds! Is there an advantage to doing it with a python script? *is not a coder*


@cassolotl @chuckwendig
1. I was already working on a command-line Python full client, so this was simple to implement.
2. I didn't see the import/export feature until just now and I feel somewhat silly. :)

@snoot @chuckwendig Ohhh fair enough! :) It is a bit hidden away, to be fair!

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