Hey all, I'm moving to @gwyn@mas.to, but migration isn't working yet. Follow me there if you'd like.

Considering moving instances. I've loved this one but it seems to be somewhat stagnant. Recommendations?

I wonder if we had an influx of new users today.


Get your shot tho

My children:

I'm allowed to stab you but you're not allowed to stab me. It's called shiv-alry.

Where do DJs store their information? 

In a wiki wiki.


Nope, you're crying.

Romney's blink rate listening to Hawley is extremely telling.

If you support the violent insurrection taking place, I don't care how long I've known you, or if we're blood. We're DONE.

uspol, cissplaining 

I thought Tulsi Gabbard's new bill was transphobic discrimination but tonight a cisgender man let me know that it's not. Thank goodness!


Does anyone else finish their sushi dinner by devouring the remaining pickled ginger or is it just me?

Fun fact: There's no need to press I to start editing text in Windows Notepad.

I'm proud to live in a time when people of all genders can be silhous and kitchens.

Protip: When in doubt, read the error message.

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