Ate an apple tonight. Had to cut it up and microwave it so it didn't kill me, but sublime nonetheless.

I know you think it hurts when you call me a geek, but I'm inured.

TFW you see a photo in a article, and you're 95% sure it's a friend from high school who basically vanished, that you've worried about, and she's happy, really, really happy. Struggles, still, but so much happier than high school.

And though it would be weird to reach out, since you're not 100% sure, and not sure she wants to be found, just the idea that she's happy feels good.

Girl, if it's you, I'm thrilled for you. :)

The question isn't why I have a kazoo in my guitar case; the question is why you don't.

PSA: If you have to dispose of decomposing animal material, wear gloves. I cannot stress this enough. So far baking soda paste, alcohol, dish soap, vinegar and coffee grounds have all failed to unstink my hands.

It was food, not a body. Calm down.

If you can't get it, and trust me, I can send you a copy.


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