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Hmm... Publishing Linked Data fragments to IPFS... Interesting idea

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I just want an open source Markdown editor that works on Android, OSX, and Linux and supports these features. Is that too much to ask?


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the answer to combat internet censorship is not to move it to UN control, The UN is an organisation made up by delegates from nation states, therefore if enough states want to impose censorship the UN can do nothing, instead moving towards decentralisation where possible, and distributed where regular decentralisation won't work (distributed in this case I'm defined as mirriors at various places)

RFC: am I abusing CWs? I'm using them in case someone doesn't want to read about the topics. Especially controversial ones like Poltics, Anarchism, and Leftism.

I feel like I might be abusing CWs when I use it for things like programming topics that people on this instance might not care about.


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I'm finally following enough people that Mastodon is more interesting than Twitter.

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trust no one not even yourself

when you have an internal candidate but your boss makes you advertise the job anyway