D&D, fictional death cw 

I have to do stuff today but god this is so distracting, I still have like.......... that fiction afterglow you get at the tail end of a really good story.


D&D, fictional death cw 

And the breath abruptly returned to his lungs as Altaire's mother, a paladin, pressed a Revivify spell into him.

She had killed her son. Honor and oath satisfied. Never return to the Feywild, she told him. Never use our family's name. Never contact me or any of us. Never let the queen find out you're alive, or it will be more than just your head on the chopping block.

I love you, she told him. I'm proud of you.

And then Altaire's mother, the knight-captain he'd always looked up to more than anyone, was gone to leave him to live his new life. His old one now thoroughly, utterly, and irrevocably ended.


That's a story, y'all.


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