D&D, fictional death cw 

I have to do stuff today but god this is so distracting, I still have like.......... that fiction afterglow you get at the tail end of a really good story.


D&D, fictional death cw 

And with that she'd called his bluff at last. After two hundred years she'd finally found the order he simply couldn't bring himself to follow.

But Altaire was a knight. A believer in honor and a lover of truth. He'd been lying to so many people in his life for a long time, and he was sick of it. Lying to his whole family, lying to himself that he was content to be Elmenore's champion, that everything was fine. If he was going to break ties, be a traitor at last, he knew he couldn't just slink off into the dark and disappear. It would eat at him forever. He had to run straight toward the thing he was afraid of and tell everyone the truth at last.

The party took a brief break from adventuring to work on some unrelated matters, and in that time Altaire went alone to the Feywild to confront his queen. He returned her stolen crown and informed her that he could not follow her order to kill his friend, that his oath was broken. That he would no longer wield her sword.

He walked into her war room expecting to die. It was startling to find himself cast out with barely a word from the Archfey, stripped of the power she'd given him long ago but otherwise well. He was dazedly grateful for his life, deciding that it would be best to quickly remove himself from the Feywild, but -- had the unforgiving queen really found some mercy in her heart? Perhaps Elmenore had stayed her hand for the sake of Altaire's mother, her beloved knight-captain Gienah?

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