D&D, fictional death cw 

I have to do stuff today but god this is so distracting, I still have like.......... that fiction afterglow you get at the tail end of a really good story.


D&D, fictional death cw 

So, I haven't been on Mastodon a ton and therefore haven't recapped my D&D game that much lately either. The campaign is still going, our party is currently racing against the clock trying to prevent Orcus from busting into the Material Plane with an army before some of the assassins he's been sending finally manage to kill us. I'm skimming a lot of details there but that's the overall gist.

Anyway, my boy Altaire. I've talked about him a lot on here in the past. He was a knight of the Seelie Court (eladrin bladelock) who did many things he wasn't proud of in the name of loyalty to his ruthless Archfey queen. His whole family line have basically been her property, servants, and personal army for millennia due to a bargain they made back in antiquity, etc. etc. Until she finally, aware of his growing discontent, set a task in front of him to put his loyalty to true test. A friend of the party pulled a prank on her by absconding with her royal crown during a big festival, humiliating her in front of everyone there. We play in the Critical Role setting and the Seelie Queen there is named Elmenore the Unforgiving. You can guess how she felt about this. To soothe her upset and prove his obedience at last, she ordered Altaire to find and kill his friend.

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