Hey poly friends, a friend of mine is considering entering a poly relationship for the first time and nobody involved has done poly before. I'm an outsider who knows completely zero about this but I figured Mastodon would know where to find the good reading material. Where should I look to point them to best practices, ideas for setting ground rules and boundaries, etc.? :boost_rainbow:

@sky "more than 2" is a good resource for opening up a monogamous relationship, and has a website full of free resources they can access immediately.
Ethical Slut is basically the polyam bible.

@sky while not directly on the subject I would recommend anyone entering polyam territory and potentially interacting with a local polyam community to read "Love's Not Colorblind" Important stuff about the dynamics in communities and power dynamics folks may not be thinking of.

@sky “The Ethical Slut” is a great resource that covers a ton of topics.

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