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Introduction (2019 edition) 

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Since I was just talking about this elsewhere, a brief note to new Tumblr refugees: If you're an ace exclusionist, anti, or believe you have the right to stick your nose into what kind of media consenting adult people create/consume in their spare time, please don't follow this account. I will block you. There is a high chance I have already blocked you. :rainbow_poop:

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Today I have obtained this idiot's real address and phone number that they are using to apply for a real actual physical job. This should not be able to happen! This is the whole reason email verification is a thing???????

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Mx. W. C. of Mississippi, struggling musical artist who is currently applying to work at a McAlister's, I have way way more of your personal information than I would ever want please stop sending me your fucking personal information use your own fucking email address to sign up for shit

yes the address definitely has not been broken into, I have checked many times and I have two factor on it and watch it like a hawk, web security is apparently genuinely just This Bad

I once spent an hour on the phone with Apple trying to get my email off this yahoo's account because I've literally never even had an Apple account, they basically told me "whoops tough titties"

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Y'all why are web devs like this? the sheer amount of spam I continue to get from this one singular idiot who likes to sign up for serious things like iCloud and fucking job applications using *my email address* that apparently require no email confirmation is just fucking ridiculous

Hey poly friends, a friend of mine is considering entering a poly relationship for the first time and nobody involved has done poly before. I'm an outsider who knows completely zero about this but I figured Mastodon would know where to find the good reading material. Where should I look to point them to best practices, ideas for setting ground rules and boundaries, etc.? :boost_rainbow:

Hey listen, The Last of Us 2 features some really gross content-warning-worthy violence against trans people, but Sony keeps DMCAing anyone who talks about it, so nobody's hearing about it.

as you grow up your Baby Pronouns fall out and your adult ones grow in

there's too many "i like boy" and "i like girl" song and not enough "i'm a chaotic mess of nonsexual attraction in a sexual world and you look good but i dont know what to do with you" song

Noticed some news that they're trying to make it illegal to out someone without their permission in Mie Prefecture, and part of me is like cool, part is like... that's your priority, really? 😬

fandom RP joke 

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fandom RP joke 

Black game devs: humble is doing their annual Black Game Developer Fund!


Me, literally years later: WAIT, was that person flirting with me??


maybe I should watch an LP of Persona 5 next, I wanted to actually play that one since my dear friend bought me a copy but god knows when I'm gonna have hand health or access to the PS4 next lol

support a black “creative” AKA black law student 

here’s a twitter account that asks if you can attack and dethrone god in particular videogames

spoiler alerts for like, every JRPG ever made

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