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Since I was just talking about this elsewhere, a brief note to new Tumblr refugees: If you're an ace exclusionist, anti, or believe you have the right to stick your nose into what kind of media consenting adult people create/consume in their spare time, please don't follow this account. I will block you. There is a high chance I have already blocked you. :rainbow_poop:

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Introduction: haven't done one of these in a while and we've got so many new folks! Show more

there is no wrong way to do gender. you can be a woman with he/him pronouns, you can be a nonbinary man, you can be a genderfluid demiboy, hell, you can even be cis. do what feels right, and remember, there are no rules :heart_trans:

me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

people who refer to actor names when talking about characters in a movie: ugh

people who actually get annoyed when you use the character names instead of the actor names: why???

people who guffaw when you don't know who White Hollywood Celebrity #3674 is: STOP

Hey everyone, my wife and I are starting a new side project shooting reference photos for creators. You can check them out at

There's tons of free stuff as well as our first paid pack. All proceeds will go back into funding more cool shoots like this one.

Thanks for being awesome. <3

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Some #asexual/#ace headers! Feel free to use/share/etc. Credit is appreciated, but not required.

Alguns cabeçalhos #assexuais/ace! Sinta-se livre para usar/compartilhar/etc. Créditos são apreciados, mas não são necessários.

Time to start properly reading the Vampire 5e book and planning a oneshot character!!!!! Literally the only thing I have planned so far is I'm finally going to play someone of a similar gender to me lol. But I've been reading WoD setting stuff for years and years without ever getting to play so I'm pretty psyched that my group is interested.

Hey folks!

I've just been reminded that it's been a while since I mentioned this, so here's a freebie for all you #DnD players out in the Fediverse:

This is a link to an electronic character sheet with color-coded fields and a bit of automation in the math. Just save a copy, fill in your ability scores and profs "Under the Hood", then fill in a few details on the Gameplay and Inventory/Spellcasting tabs, and you're set!


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D&D whining Show more

I get why "You all meet in a tavern" has become such a tired #DnD stereotype. For our next campaign everyone's making these fantastic level 1 characters and not a single one has something in common with another. A tavern is one of the few places where characters of such varied origins might actually run into each other.

So now they have to have a reason for why they're on a boat. A particular boat, owned and captained by NPCs the players (perhaps not the PCs) will know. I'm sure it'll end well.

If it doesn't fit with your go to song, is it a real otp?

Other folks who use , if you've asked people in your life to switch for you, how did you go about it? Were there particular approaches or resources that were especially useful to you?

After a couple of months in the wild, the Aethermage #DnD class over on the DMs Guild has had its first revisions.

Check out the most unique spellcaster you'll ever play in 5E:

Best way to move instances on #Mastodon:

On your OLD account:

1. Export your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Data Export, then download the CSV files (you do NOT need to request an archive to do this!)

2. Set your old account to redirect to the new one: go to Settings, then Edit Profile, then "Move To A Different Account" (at bottom of screen)

On your NEW account:

3. Upload your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Import, then upload the CSV files


if you work from home everyone acts like you don’t have a job

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