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:lgbt_io: I will upgrade our instance to v3.0.0 or latest this coming Sunday (it can happen at any time).

Kindly expect some downtime on that day. Thank you. :)

Why do people only listen to story from one side and decided that THAT IS the true story?

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I never did an that I can remember so here we go

Hello! I'm a trans lesbian who enjoys reading, blogging, board games, and tinkering with interesting tech things. I mostly toot about Gender Stuff but every now and then I branch out into some of my other interests. I live in upstate New York with my wife and two cats.

Mastodon in general and this server specifically have been really welcoming and great, and I'm glad to be part of the community.

:lgbt_io:​ Thanks all for boosting. <3 I've received a reply from the chatroom owner explaining that linking the chatroom to our site was just meant to be a recommendation rather than association, and it appears that the trolls have been banned from the chatroom. :)

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:lgbt_io: It was brought to my attention that there's a Matrix/ LGBT chatroom (filled with homophobic messages) has linked itself to our website

A Masto user and myself have contacted the owner of the chatroom (appeared to be "thekyriarchy") but no response so far.

I'm not entirely sure if this is a pure mistake or a troll to our site.

So, can you all kindly help boosting this toot and hopefully some people might come forward with more info or ways to contact the chatroom owner?

Thank you very much!

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Hey there! I’m Dirk and new to this instance. I noticed some other people are doing posts so I’ll do the same!

I’m bisexual and cisgender (he/him). I spent the last four years teaching radio and television classes at the small rural high school I attended when I was a kid. I resigned at the end of the school year and now I’m getting ready to go back to school to study graphic design.

I co-host a podcast called “OMG So Random Hehe!” and I love designing posters for concerts and other events in my spare time. I’m excited to be here and to get to know all of you! :heart_sparkles_bisexual:

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Hello! I’m doing another casual survey, this time about identity journeys.

All trans and/or nonbinary people are invited to take part! If you’re not cis, please do take a look.

Thank you!

#trans #nonbinary

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LGBT+, YouTube discrimination, lawsuit 

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:lgbt_io: Announcement Regarding Twitter Crosspost on [15th Aug 2019]

Dear members of,

If you use Twitter Crosspost tool, you must set [Privacy for retweets when crossposted] to "Unlisted" (this means only to your followers).

For original tweets and quotes, as of this announcement, you're still permitted to post them to public timelines. But it is very likely that we will restrict further in the future.

Sorry for this restriction, but the purpose of doing so is to keep Mastodon as Mastodon.

Retweets crossposted on our home timeline starting from the time of this announcement will be removed.

Thank you. :heart_pride:

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the gym is an mmo

- monthly subscription fee
- repetitive tasks for incremental gain
- everyone is obsessed with cosmetics

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If you leave a workplace, remember to revoke your Mastodon sessions from work.

They're fairly obvious on this screenshot - the Windows browsers with 2.* IP addresses.

It's in your settings, under "account".

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Hey users, I've just updated something and I want you to pay attention to the quality of the account search/autocomplete. Please tell me your impressions after a while.

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Be proud of what you are every day. You are beautiful, you are valid, and most importantly, you are you. Never let anyone take you away from you. ❤

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I suppose I should do an , shouldn't I! Hi y'all, I'm Violet, I'm a 22-year-old trans lesbian from the US. I read a bunch (I'm a librarian!) and I code and write a little bit too. I'm also trying to do more embroidery because it's cute as heck 😊 I'm excited to hang out around here and meet people!

:she_her: :trans: :wlw:

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I guess I should write an for myself. 😊

So first thing's first I guess, I'm a bi/pansexual trans girl. Feminine pronouns, please. 🙂

I'm a hobbyist libre game developer, though I don't do it as much these days as I used to. Most of what I do these days is contributing to Naev (ranging from engine development to adding new missions to just fixing gendered language, depending on what I find).

Favorite animal: spiders! 😊🕷 I love spiders because they really are our bestest of best friends, and they're adorable. Even more so than cats, which I also love, though I admit the contest is quite close.

I'm a total weeb. I've been studying Japanese for years and can speak it at a basic level. よかったら日本語でもあたしと話してくださいね。

Spicy food is my LIFE! 😁 I've been eating spicier and spicier food over the years; right now I always get the spiciest available when I go to a Thai restaurant (Thai is easily my favorite cuisine), and at home I use ghost pepper sauce for most things.

I also make bracelets as a hobby. I've made literally dozens of them, including a fair number of LGBTQ+ pride bracelets (mostly emphasizing the "B" and "T" aspects, as you might expect).

And that's... not everything, but hey, there's a 1500 character limit and it's not like I need to post my life story or anything anyway. 😄

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#FreeRadical users: I just suspended the instance for spam. I’ll add it to the usual docs later.

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