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Hi, I'm Willow!

I'm here, I'm queer, I glow blue when orcs are near.

30, they/them, polyamorous

I like lots of nerdy shit like comic books (usually of the feminist-leaning variety), video games (of the indie/steam variety) and board games (of the co-op/tabletop RPG variety).

I just got out of grad school and I am trying to come out from under the rock that I have lived under.

I have come for your memes. :_gaysparkle:

Reaching out to each individual involved and confused is what I have to do today.

This reminds me of how I had to contact everyone to apologise and clarify back in 2017.

I predict that in 2021 I have to do similar thing again.

Well, statistics.

:lgbt_io: My motto for running this instance: respect the decision of our members as much as I can.

So far I’ve never rejected any requests made by our members. Most of the requests were honoured but one or two complicated requests are still in pending mode. I have a todo list for This is how much I love although I don’t toot a lot myself.

@porsupah @codeawayhaley and myself are always active in handling reports and banning. Also thanks to @porsupah for ALWAYS bringing to my attention of which instances and which users are worth banning.

I am even in the midst of setting up a Gitlab repo to keep records of all requests and a list blocked instances.

Not speaking out doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything.

The drama created out of nowhere really saddens me (this is my second time feeling so on here) after putting up so much of my time and efforts maintaining this instance since 2017. I was also bashed at that time in 2017 for calling ourselves “the first LGBT Mastodon instance” (it was just a pure misunderstanding as a beginner setting up a Mastodon instance) and was insulted that our instance will not survive long.

I’m lucky and happy with our members thus far for being so understanding and nice and polite to me. It is all that matters to me!

:lgbt_io: We have banned gab instances since day 1, just like the majority of the Mastodon instances.

To clarify this, we’ll amend our Rules.

The said user has been banned, after failing to convince her to leave with peace.

If you’re one of the first instances to de-federate us even without seeking clarification from me, then I am speechless. One advice to you: give some patience next time for whatever you’re doing.

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What's up! I'm migrating from tumblr because well, it sucks.

I'm 22, living in the Southeast US (bible belt baybee!!) (no that's not a good thing). I'm insufferably bisexual and single, not ready to mingle.
I'm in school for horticulture and I love plants, bugs, and mushrooms- just nature. I read a lot of books, draw, and write a little bit. I will try to DIY anything- currently in the process of learning how to sew my own clothes.
Big fan of Saga, Frank Iero, and Shameless, amongst other things.

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Seems like good weather for a time lapse of this nature. ^_^

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Google is bringing AMP to Gmail not for your convenience or to increase speed, but to change your mailbox into a platform for marketers. Better switch to an email service that respects your right to privacy. 😉

#google #gmail #amp

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Yes, hi, hello! I'm Hubbe. I'm some sort of weird late-20s nerd person.

Working as a systems/software dev in Helsinki, Finland - doing weird stuff with Python and Docker.

I am also VERY into machine learning, videogames, boardgames, tabletop RPGs, sci-fi, and SPACE.

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:lgbt_io: You can now pin up to 10 toots on your profile. :heart_pride:

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Trans people are the bravest just for daring to be alive.

Love all of you :trans_heart:

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boosts appreciated

hey so the below organization is looking for people to help with their questionnaire before july 31. the questions are geared toward an employer answering them, but they are also very interested in hearing from the other side as well.
“WSMH is exploring how to improve strategies for workplace inclusivity in general by specifically considering how to better include trans and non-binary. We are looking at this from the perspective of organizational policy, leadership strategies, culture and individuals.”
their site: workplacestrategiesformentalhe
their questionnaire:

One passed away, one critical condition and another admitted into hospital due to very weak immune system. What news could be worse than these three in one day?

Life is really short, appreciate the people around you, cherish them, love them.

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I dunno, I think the cats in the Cats movie look really cute and good 🤷‍♀️

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