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Cleared remote media that are older than 30 days, feeling great to see used disk space reduced by a big chunk 😅

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Just saw there's a new app for Mastodon on iOS called Mast, looks interesting

:lgbt_io: Everything is back to normal. We are on the latest version - v2.6.1. Thank you for your patience. :heart_pride:

If you're interested, have a look at the releases to know what's new:

And, don't forget to subscribe to our status page for any future alerts:

:lgbt_io: I have bumped up our instance version to v2.5.2 now, will proceed with the upgrade to v2.6.1 (latest) in the background.

Customisations will be reapplied last.

At the meantime, do subscribe to our status page at so that you're not lost during any downtime.

Sorry for the prolonged downtime!

:lgbt_io: Instance is still not upgraded due to the prolonged backup process (worst of all it cannot be cancelled!). You'll be able to toot and read toots, but there's going to be downtime now and then for the next 24 hours. Please bear with me.

I have set up a status page at which you can subscribe to, to get latest updates.

:lgbt_io: Server will be taken down for upgrade process in an hour (counting from this toot).

Or maybe set up something like Status Page (I can try looking for alternative free solutions)?

:lgbt_io: Is Telegram channel a good way to broadcast server status to you all? 🤔

I find it tough to communicate with our instance members whenever there's server downtime or when the instance upgrade took more than it should.

:lgbt_io: Hi fellow members, I will be performing the upgrade within 24 hours, counting from the time of this toot. Thank you for waiting such a long time! 💟

:lgbt_io: Please bear with me a few more days and I will upgrade our instance to the latest version! :heart_pride:

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Good morning Mastodonia! Take care of yourselves and each other. :heart_pride:

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It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

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Let's try to stay positive today.

It can be hard, but it's worth it to try.

:lgbt_io: I am extremely sorry for the downtime and the late fix (was in the hospital due to lung infection!). The downtime was mainly due to full disk space. I have since bumped up the server resources. Will follow by cleaning up old cache (cronjob isn't working properly on this, server monitoring reported the wrong free disk space when in fact it's already zero space!). We are all good now!

I will update to v2.5.x some time this week. Sorry and thanks!

Is there any impressive domain name hack that you came across before? I personally find that is a very cool domain hack (and must be really expensive!). 😎

I sleep walked last night (it's been a while now), not sure what else I did apart from wearing my sports necklace and putting my towel beside my pillow. I also had the urge to smoke (and dreamt about smoking) during my sleep recently. I'm not a smoker myself. Maybe I'm just really really pressured and stressed out.

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Do you ever stop and think about how much of your personality was programmed by the culture you consume?

Like, how much of our notion of beauty, of desirability, of fairness, of cool, is informed wholly by TV commercials and PBS after school specials we watched when we were 7?

How many of our deep, unchallenged assumptions stem from pop culture?

How badly did Ender's Game fuck me up at 13?

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