:lgbt_io: We are back!!

I am speechless!

I know I am supposed to feel happy but allow me to cry for a moment. 😭

Thank you so so much to @noelle @porsupah @vy for all your efforts along the journey!

Thank you @porsupah for not giving up on me when I was feeling so down struggling with my life out here alone while not knowing how to bring the server back. 😭

I owe it to all of you! :heart_pride: 🙇

I did nothing. Sincerely apologise for not being able to contribute to this server resuscitation exercise.

Thank you so much @noelle and @porsupah for coordinating and working on this!

@Nephilim what sort of data did you mean?

Also, kindly follow this announcement: patreon.com/posts/65649330

Thank you.

:lgbt_io: Our server will be put into maintenance mode for OS upgrade within the next 15 minutes.

If you have an alt account, kindly follow me self@mastodon.social for updates during downtime. Alternatively, you can manually visit patreon.com/LGBT for the same updates too.

Thank you!

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:lgbt_io: 2/2 Hence, kindly expect some downtime again. I can't promise how long, but I'll do my best to bring it back ASAP.

If you have an alt account, kindly follow me self@mastodon.social for updates during downtime. Alternatively, you can manually visit patreon.com/LGBT for the same updates too.

Apologies for the inconveniences caused by this upgrade process!

:lgbt_io: 1/2 Dear all, this announcement is regarding the OpenSSL error we are currently facing (which directly impact our federation timeline, i.e., unable to connect with majority of the instances on the fediverse).

After some attempts to fix it, it is decided that I have to put our server into maintenance mode once again during this weekend (and possibly longer), to upgrade our server OS to the latest version as our OS is quite old (we were here since 2017), as advised by Claire on Github.

:lgbt_io: there seems to be one or two backend issues I need to fix. For now, to view the images that say "Not Available" on the federated timeline, kindly click on the image itself and it will bring you to a new tab.

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@porsupah I shall let the server to catch up with all the backlogs first and see how it goes, then troubleshoot from there. :)

@porsupah You're most welcome! I am observing Sidekiq, seems like there might be something to troubleshoot 😅

:lgbt_io: WE ARE BACK!!! Now on the latest version v3.4.6!

I am extremely sorry as I was unable to spare enough time to continuously troubleshoot due to my full time job and the issues on the server keep coming one after another..

Please bear with me, I would like to monitor our server for a day or two after all these incidents, before bring back the customisations such as themes, toot character count (of 1,500), max pins (of 10), etc. I will also update our Patreon Supporter list.


:lgbt_io: Dear all, we will be performing server maintenance and upgrading our Mastodon instance version on 🗓️ 13th March 2022, 🕔 5am GMT+0.

Server will be down at this time and will be back ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding.

@noelle indeed frustrating as I am already tired looking at laptop screen whole day and my brain can no longer process things lol!

@porsupah after upgrading OpenSSL version, we're required to force renew the SSL cert and reboot... Can't believe I didn't come across having to reboot the server after force renewing the SSL, lol! But it's okay, today I learnt. :P Thank you so much @porsupah :heart_pride:

@noelle @porsupah I am so sorry to have let this happen for so many days and not noticing about it! 😕

@pronounshe no problem and site is back online. Thank you. 😉

:lgbt_io: Hi everyone, we will perform server maintenance (and possibly upgrading Mastodon version) at 5am GMT+0 (~15 minutes from this announcement). It will be back latest by 12pm GMT+0. Apologies for the short notice and thank you for your patience.

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Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~ Unknown

“I’m just joking” - a very irresponsible phrase

@porsupah couldn't find earlier toots, does this mean @V has created the invitation link? Apologies for the late!

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