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OMG my 13yrs old cousin announced to my grandma that they might be trans (female to male) and wanna be called by Tom instead of Sophie (not real names 'cause privacy but you get the idea)

My grandma answered " I am learning every day from my little children & I am really proud of you for searching a new path in your life"

4 years ago the sane grandma was homophobic. Everyone can learn, change at every age.

This was the positive post of the day πŸ’–

@gendercensus i can never understand why do one always try to put another down. What about them getting the same treatment, how do they feel..

@silby as an admin I've never read any DMs on my instance from the backend. There's no such function on admin's dashboard and I've never even looked into the database. Some of us understand what is respect and what is privacy. πŸ™‚

I woke up to just over 7,000 participants, another milestone! πŸŽ‰

As always, every RT, boost and reblog is really helpful, and sharing the URL by email or WhatsApp or Telegram is even better. :)

@porsupah hey there, I've increased the character count from 500 to 750 (may increase this in near future). Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

:lgbt_io: I have increased the toot character count from 500 to 750 on our instance. I may increase this to something higher in the near future provided if such increment doesn't create any problems.

I'm not sure which Mastodon apps respect this character count setting, so kindly use the web version (or other apps) if your app doesn't follow it.

Thanks to @porsupah for pointing me to this useful guide:

Happy tooting! :heart_pride:

Hey! I Just signed up for this. Wanted to try it out! 😊

@porsupah hey, just so you know I am still trying.. πŸ˜‰ I might just manually edit the code rather than using the github method (not something I am good at) that just caused a brief downtime πŸ˜…

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