Hi everyone! I"m a pan transwoman, poly and affectionate, serious about serious friendships but dorky as hell! Creative, too.
Anxious, toooooo.... for now, call me Shafty?

@porsupah hey there, I've increased the character count from 500 to 750 (may increase this in near future). Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

:lgbt_io: I have increased the toot character count from 500 to 750 on our instance. I may increase this to something higher in the near future provided if such increment doesn't create any problems.

I'm not sure which Mastodon apps respect this character count setting, so kindly use the web version (or other apps) if your app doesn't follow it.

Thanks to @porsupah for pointing me to this useful guide: toot.cafe/@nolan/1015432036579

Happy tooting! :heart_pride:

Hey! I Just signed up for this. Wanted to try it out! 😊

@porsupah hey, just so you know I am still trying.. πŸ˜‰ I might just manually edit the code rather than using the github method (not something I am good at) that just caused a brief downtime πŸ˜…

Hey everyone!
As you might know, @Tusky is on the Open Collective now.

Open Collective helps us to transparently manage resources and build sustainable development. Please consider supporting the project.


@ivankov hey just so you know the instance registration is currently open so feel free to sign up for a new account with you preferred username. :)

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@raphael some are in inches, some are in centimetres, I think it depends on the brands or which country you're buying the bra from. Maybe calculator.net/bra-size-calcul can help 😁

@porsupah yep, it exists 😁 I find this TLD interesting and registered for two .ooo domains in the past but not using them for any obvious purposes, so I stopped renewing them. πŸ˜…

:lgbt_io: Server was taken down for approximately an hour due to routine maintenance and instance version upgrade. Our instance is now on the latest version. Happy tooting again! 🐘 :heart_pride:

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