The public betas of iOS 13 are now available to download for all users. Just a heads up that the App Store version of Mast isnโ€™t optimised for iOS 13, as itโ€™s still being tested internally to get it looking great. There are notable layout and presentation issues, which will be fixed in the next update.

I could not hate the G Suite docs more.

Me: search for "where is g suite report X"

Google: Here's how you find it! Go to your account settings, click this thing, and then click this other icon that doesn't actually exist.


Google: LOL, no! So anyway, click on this icon which won't actually exist, and...

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@Amoo Hey Amy, as what @clover said. I believe all you can do in such situation is to search for the username like "". And if you search only for the username "@federationbot" you may get multiple results. But it's all up to you. ;)

Hi, I'm to . I've been registered here for a few days but haven't tooted yet. I will do my in a future toot, but for now, I still haven't figured some important things out yet, such as blocking, and could use some . How do I someone? Is there a way to block an entire instance/domain? When I am on someone's profile I don't see a block button. Thanks :)

@Amoo hi Amy, welcome! :) when you visit someone's profile (on the web), you can find a menu icon (three dots) tap on it and you'll see "Block @username" and "Hide everything from". Hope this helps!

The current spam wave originates at I have confirmed with another admin that this IP seems to be stable at least for today's spam.

They have selected instances via in the past, so if you're listed there you might be more at risk.

You can stop it for now by adding `deny;` to the server block in your nginx config.

:lgbt_io: All reports are now resolved.

I wonder why is there a rise in toot reports lately? Why can't you trollers give us peace? If this is not your space, don't join us, we are happy belong to this space, are you jealous? Then maybe you shouldn't, you should go to where you belong.

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