:lgbt_io: WE ARE BACK!!! Now on the latest version v3.4.6!

I am extremely sorry as I was unable to spare enough time to continuously troubleshoot due to my full time job and the issues on the server keep coming one after another..

Please bear with me, I would like to monitor our server for a day or two after all these incidents, before bring back the customisations such as themes, toot character count (of 1,500), max pins (of 10), etc. I will also update our Patreon Supporter list.


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:lgbt_io: there seems to be one or two backend issues I need to fix. For now, to view the images that say "Not Available" on the federated timeline, kindly click on the image itself and it will bring you to a new tab.

@self Thank you for your hard work on this - I know it's been a considerably greater undertaking than originally anticipated.

It's so good to be back. ^_^

@porsupah You're most welcome! I am observing Sidekiq, seems like there might be something to troubleshoot 😅

@self Ack! Hopefully that won't prove too troublesome - at least this is a lot nicer a position to be troubleshooting from. ^_^

@self (And of course, it's going to be under load right now, trying busily to catch up with all the missing federation!)

@porsupah I shall let the server to catch up with all the backlogs first and see how it goes, then troubleshoot from there. :)

@self sounds like it was a very stressful upgrade. I hope you haven't been over-exerting yourself fixing things

@self I'm curious... how exactly is the server working? Are we running from a Docker image or something, or it's bare metal?

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