:lgbt_io: It was brought to my attention that there's a Matrix/ LGBT chatroom (filled with homophobic messages) has linked itself to our website

A Masto user and myself have contacted the owner of the chatroom (appeared to be "thekyriarchy") but no response so far.

I'm not entirely sure if this is a pure mistake or a troll to our site.

So, can you all kindly help boosting this toot and hopefully some people might come forward with more info or ways to contact the chatroom owner?

Thank you very much!

:lgbt_io:​ Thanks all for boosting. <3 I've received a reply from the chatroom owner explaining that linking the chatroom to our site was just meant to be a recommendation rather than association, and it appears that the trolls have been banned from the chatroom. :)

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@self sounds likely to be intentional & malicious to me. How do you accidentally link something to a domain you don’t own?

Hey @s0, the chatroom owner has responded and clarified that it was meant to be a recommendation instead of anything else. :)

@self I've not loaded Riot in a while until just now, but that was one of the rooms I used to visit. It looks like it was taken over by trolls. I don't recognize any of the names and the admin is banning a bunch of the active people right now.

@ParadoxicalMusing thanks for the heads-up, I have received a reply clarifying it was only meant to be a recommendation (which I appreciate) from the chatroom owner. :)

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