:lgbt_io: Announcement Regarding Twitter Crosspost on [15th Aug 2019]

Dear members of,

If you use Twitter Crosspost tool, you must set [Privacy for retweets when crossposted] to "Unlisted" (this means only to your followers).

For original tweets and quotes, as of this announcement, you're still permitted to post them to public timelines. But it is very likely that we will restrict further in the future.

Sorry for this restriction, but the purpose of doing so is to keep Mastodon as Mastodon.

Retweets crossposted on our home timeline starting from the time of this announcement will be removed.

Thank you. :heart_pride:

@self Uhm.. I will restrict my crossposter, but this seems counterproductive.

I set up crossposting as a way of pushing more content into mastodon, because there's not much going on around the things I do care about.


I'm thinking that this is a good idea. If I want to know what's going on with the bird site, I'll open an account there. I'm guessing that others may have similar ideas. I thought Mastodon was an alternative to Twitter, not an aggregater of "interesting" tweets.

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