:lgbt_io: We have banned gab instances since day 1, just like the majority of the Mastodon instances.

To clarify this, we’ll amend our Rules.

The said user has been banned, after failing to convince her to leave with peace.

If you’re one of the first instances to de-federate us even without seeking clarification from me, then I am speechless. One advice to you: give some patience next time for whatever you’re doing.

:lgbt_io: My motto for running this instance: respect the decision of our members as much as I can.

So far I’ve never rejected any requests made by our members. Most of the requests were honoured but one or two complicated requests are still in pending mode. I have a todo list for This is how much I love although I don’t toot a lot myself.

@porsupah @codeawayhaley and myself are always active in handling reports and banning. Also thanks to @porsupah for ALWAYS bringing to my attention of which instances and which users are worth banning.

I am even in the midst of setting up a Gitlab repo to keep records of all requests and a list blocked instances.

Not speaking out doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything.

The drama created out of nowhere really saddens me (this is my second time feeling so on here) after putting up so much of my time and efforts maintaining this instance since 2017. I was also bashed at that time in 2017 for calling ourselves “the first LGBT Mastodon instance” (it was just a pure misunderstanding as a beginner setting up a Mastodon instance) and was insulted that our instance will not survive long.

I’m lucky and happy with our members thus far for being so understanding and nice and polite to me. It is all that matters to me!

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@self @porsupah @codeawayhaley I just got here, but I think you're doing just fine! Thanks for working so hard. :heart_pride:

@wlwthewisp @self @porsupah @codeawayhaley same here. Thank you.:blobthumbsup: Moreover, I have some minor sysad experience and I can grasp the amount of effort and dedication it needs you: many many thanks and please don't let annoyances drag your morale down.

@4somecurious not to mention I bear ~50% of the server cost every month and never once beg for donations to help sustaining this instance. And this is what I get. Great.

@self @porsupah @codeawayhaley look I am in complicated situation --- is my girlfriend unblocked? And yes she may have have been rude, but the person is on Gab and is known as a doxxer.

@PaladinQuinn we DID NOT ban your girlfriend. Most likely she’s the one or her instance banned before clarifying anything from me.

@porsupah @codeawayhaley

@self @porsupah @codeawayhaley look... I don't know what to say... I just want things to be peaceful... and right now I feel like proverbial camel with broken back...

@PaladinQuinn we are peaceful until someone from other instances caused us drama. And give little to no patience before badmouthing about me and our instance. That’s all I can clarify to you.

@self @PaladinQuinn @porsupah @codeawayhaley I think what happened is that TranimeGirl blocked Pyretta and that might have been misinterpreted by the latter, at least from what I can tell, and as a result she suspended from her instance in response.

Basically, a misunderstanding that went woefully out of proportion. :\

@Jo @self @porsupah @codeawayhaley seems you hit the nail on the head --- sorry I am so falling to pieces, had some bullshit happen on my discord server so rather emotional and @self I'm sorry I should have messaged you, I just did not think...


people are pretty scared and scared people can make bad (or even just uninformed) decisions 😔 unfortunately. but hopefully things will resolve.

(then again that's probably why shitty users get generated to try to get us fighting about Gab and freeze peach -- to try to tear a community apart if it can't break in)

@sydneyfalk @self

Yeah, the spamming chuds do is kind of like having your knee whacked with a stick. It can be pretty hard to think clearly when someone's deliberately going for a sensitive spot, for shits and giggles. I mean, we know they do this b/c they brag about it to each other.

@sydneyfalk @self

I can't *demand* any1 do a thing they'd rather not, but I do try to provide a receipt if I'm calling out a bad actor. & I'll ask (politely) for a receipt if I see someone doing a call-out, but I can't find the problem after a cursory search.

re: moderation- it's unrealistic to expect instant satisfaction ea. time there's an issue. Mods have lives & we often aren't even in the same time zone. BUT it means a lot to me just to hear that some1's heard me & they'll look into it.

@xenophora @self

also, mods have differing levels of comfort distance with stuff. defedding shouldn't be a first option but the misunderstanding here is one we'll see again; accidents happen and with the enemies that are out there, things will happen that admins, mods, and wary users won't catch at first

(but this was something worth catching all the same, I hope we can all agree; I'd rather drama than the chance of an unchecked growth that like account, TBQH)

@self My issue is I saw that user around being a shitheel a couple of weeks ago, and reported them. Then they showed up out of the blue again, not banned, still being a shitheel. What was I supposed to think but that you didn't consider them a problem?

@self still, I am sorry for overreacting, and for being hurtful over it- i've explicitly deleted and retracted everything I prior said about the situation and apologised publicly- i just. . . i'm sorry, i've had a long, triggering day and tranime was an additional triggering shitheap on the pile. I'm sorry I lashed out at you.

@Pyretta for your records, I did not even ban a member that has over ~15 reports in total since the first day because I get valid clarification or delete toots for each incident.

As for this particular user, I first reached out to her even before handling your report because she was using gab app to post her toots here. I wanted to make sure she wasn't a troll. She did not attract other reports apart from yours and another one alongside a gab troll came after seeing the familiar username.

I handled the report you made by deleting those two toots. I then keep an eye on her account since then and did not find anything bad about her thereafter until just now.

I only instant ban when the troll is done right to our face.

My whole life I wasn't given a chance from my own parents, I knew the feeling when everyone says No to you when you want to make a change; all I'm doing here is giving people chance as long as they could clarify things, and it happened that she managed to clarify it to me previously.

I wasn't given a choice AT ALL because the drama spread like cancer and funnily enough, no one tagged me to seek for clarification and already assume what they assume. This space is cancerous.

I personally don't like banning people (specifically those on here), because I created this space for people like us who need a place.

Think about being an admin, I'm pressured to do something instantly when I need some time to think. It's hard.

@Pyretta and someone just signed up to scold me for not protecting our own trans people and claiming that I do something as opposed to what I claim to do.

@self I doubt it was just me that got upset about tranime's presence then, because I don't have that kind of pull. People don't listen to me.

@Pyretta @self

I'm almost half inclined to say it's probably a bot or a person trying to keep the pot stirred on this. (But I'm a paranoid, ha ha. These days nothing seems irrational to be afraid of sometimes.)

@Pyretta so is that even fair for me? For setting up this space with a good intention but to get such treatment in the end?

I’ve been doing LGBT community online since 2011. I’ve been cheated and my very first forum fallen into the wrong hands that was only being treated as a business. My second biggest space is and I’m all happy about helping people to feel safe or a place to vent or rant. But now I’m ditching someone might *really* trying to change and seek balance. Not everyone is evil. Some really wish to change but wasn’t allowed to. Anyway, case closed, so I’m not going to talk more about it anymore.

@Pyretta in case someone come to bash me again, I have to clarify I was saying those more in a general feeling after experiencing what was happening earlier.

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