:lgbt_io: Hi, our is now back online with the latest version.

There's a new dark theme (with new font) under your Preferences, feel free to try it out!

Thank you for your patience! :heart_pride:


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** the new theme is actually just a change of font and font colour. Nothing major. 🤣

*** and I added a light version of that new colour scheme / theme based off the Mastodon (Light) theme. 😜

@self New theme is gorgeous, I love it! Thanks for doing a light version!!

Hey @sky, glad that you love it. :))

Just to let you know, I found one or two minor places that are hard to read (on the dark version), I will fix them. :)

@self ooh thanks for letting me know! So far the light version is quite easy to read but if I spot anything that seems off I'll point it out to you.

Dear @self, thank you for this wonderful space and your awesome administration of said space!

Love, love, love.

@pronounshe my pleasure, I do my best for this space! :) Thanks for your love :P

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