Just f*cking block the instance! 😑

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And let's create a Mastodon instance, just for the lol !

@self How do you go from one instance to another anyway?

@TranimeGirl Hi there, what do you mean by "go"?

If you mean transfer your account to another Mastodon instance, first you need to export your data here (so that you can restore some of them at a new instance):, then optionally, delete your account here:

If you meant something else, mind clarify?

Thanks. :)

@self I've heard I could use my account here to post elsewhere

@TranimeGirl You just go ahead and reply to toot threads on other instances, and It Just Works. May be some prompts depending on where you went about doing it to make sure you're replying with the account you want.

And users on other instances can follow you and see your posts and reply here. But instances can choose what other instances they allow to "federate" with.

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