Maybe I should really try meditation.

@self If you have the Time and the silence for it, do it, it really helps ^^
I myself did meditation Years ago, cause since than I didn't had a silence Place to do it

@WhiteWolfRena guess I have decided to try it, thank you for your encouragement! :) I really need to build my inner peace especially with the things and real life dramas I'm facing.

@self If you are beginning you should try something like a 3Hz binaural beat, I found that help me when I first started meditating to just listen too with some nature sounds it was just something rhythmic that could just be listen to (rhythm can help you focus in the moment, and shut down the default mode network)

@codeawayhaley thanks! By any chance you know app like Calm helpful?

@self I don't know, I haven't needed something for meditation for a while, it might be helpful, when I got started I just used youtube.

@codeawayhaley ahh I see, so I'll have a look on YouTube then. Thank you Haley! :)

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