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There is a one letter difference between the Russian words for cat (кот) and whale (кит). A Soviet children's book from the '80s imagined what it would be like if they switched places:

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We said the inquiry into Student Wellbeing would give us irrefutable evidence of the systemic barriers and challenges facing 400k students in NZ.

It has.

Student poverty has become normalised and entrenched. This wasn’t an accident, but a political decision. It can be fixed.

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Dear @Walgreens@twitter.com I received this package today a week after purchasing a pregnancy test at your store. I was asked to take the test by my doctor despite having no Fallopian tubes. 1/X

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★ welcome to the Zelle Zone! ★

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i forgot this documentation included a fun fact about alan turing's death, and in adapting it i have decided to keep the fact but be more explicit that Britain fucking sucks and to also be more pedantic about his actual cause of death

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thinking about sigourney weaver and winona ryder on the red carpet for alien: resurrection

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marketplace.secondlife.com/p/L Congrats on your wedding! I heard it was beautiful! Oh no, you're 20 feet tall and you can't find a ring anywhere for your big-ass bento hands?! Here's a free gold wedding band for the Psicorp Core Nova macro body.

I LOVE this. And it makes my goal recently clear: I want way, way more people in the top bar to know enough that they can tell if the people in the bottom two bars are any good!

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I always refer back to it, but I wish I had more recent/precise numbers about end-user programmers than this stunning projection by Scaffidi et al. (2005). It appeared again at: interaction-design.org/literat

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okay now, you may think the avatar i just put together in Second Life is just a standard variation on my spider cat girl. but there's a twist ... Big

someone was asking if it might be safe to just edit their ACNH save a little bit because they gave their island a really stupid name and regret it (but don't want to get banned from any nintendo online services) and i was not prepared for what the name was. embrace it

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This footage by Scuba Ventures in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea, shows one of the rarest animal sightings in the world: a Chirodectes maculatus, an incredibly rare genus of box jellyfish which had only been sighted once before [source: bit.ly/3AM28Ew]

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Childhood Dream finished: fully procedural CROSS BREEDING of two monsters. Nothing is pre-rigged.

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me every time i'm talking to a 20 year old and they say some shit like "my first video game ever was wii sports resort"

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oh for the love of god do i have to wait to see my cardiologist before i get juice permissions

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