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New instance, new pinned intro post!

Hi everyone, I'm Rob 👋 I'm a queer autistic trans man, and I live in the north of England with my partner Alex. I'm hugely into knitting, I like walking in the countryside, and I also do a bit of gaming (mainly Pokemon).

This account is officially my Party Mode account now, where I'll be gregarious and chatty!

... By introverted standards 😁

Hope my new knitting needles arrive today :ablobcatbongo:

Ecological misinfo: please stop 

Hey everyone please stop sharing that plankton article, there’s no actual linked research and the org GOES’ website is only pointing out what most ecologists have already been warning about for ages, which is that we’ve got about 25 years left before we have a massive plankton problem. If this is something you didn’t know about already then I hate for this to be your intro to ocean acidification but FWIW current plankton populations are like, still alive

My curtains that face the street form a trans pride flag. I just got a text message from a DoorDash delivery driver saying they love them.

I don't really know what I expected from putting them up (they've been like this for months) but it felt really good to hear that.

"identifies as" is fine but you gotta say it for cis people too then

I love the colour-coded post privacy icons on Glitch, they're a great idea

ukpol, strike action 

A handy guide to all the strike actions being planned in the coming weeks, including background, and how you can support the strikers:

i heard it is very hot in a lot of places.

i tried to push an ice cube over to you but it melted. and now my paws are wet. :blobcatglance:

Is there something like Welcome To Night Vale, but cozy fantasy instead of horror?
Er, so. Looking for #podcasts that are episodic and not horror, and a narrator who speaks not too quickly but noooooot liiiiiiike thiiiiiiis, either?
I'll take non-fiction if it's in some way nature related, too.

UK heatwave, train cancellations 

LNER said no trains would run between London and Leeds and York on Tuesday

Crikey! I knew they were advising people not to travel, but I wasn't expecting them to preemptively cancel services.

Finished the gusset decreases on the second sock! (The pattern is Sepal Socks by Very Busy Monkey, and the yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 Ply in Pacific)

(you can tell my brain has already melted, as it's taken me several redrafts to get this toot right 😂)

I think I'll try and have a nap while the temperature is relatively mild, it's about 24C in the house at the moment so not too bad, but I'm expecting it to get a lot hotter as the afternoon progresses

The river tweed 

A few pictures of the wonderful river tweed from our recent holiday. Its such a lovely river and always has some wildlife magic.

This time within moments of walking along the riverside path, a large fish (bigger than my arm) lept clear out of the river and came down with a big splosh.

These are all taken in Berwick-upon-Tweed, with the railway bridge in shots 2 & 3

#river #photography

The mastodon poet with a penchant for throwing objects 

W. B. Yeets

Random question and I'm not sure if anyone here would know, but what is the minimum container size that I could use to grow a box hedge (Buxus sempervirens)

I can't draw very well, but nevertheless I am delighted that there's a doodling feature on this instance, so here's a badly drawn cat to celebrate

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