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I am thinking about Rachel Held Evans and the space she and others have carved out of the side of Christ's body for me to rest in. I do not eat of this flesh . . . I live with in it.

“Living Enfleshed”

“Living Enfleshed” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

Though I did not know you personally, I knew your heart through your words. They were a blessing to me when I needed them and you helped encourage me to name my inclusion in the kin-dom. The Divine watch over you as your path meets the clearing.

This is a lesson for all of us. Each of us is called to confront our biases and to question whether our behaviour builds community or builds walls. We must internalise the truth that community is rooted in hospitality and justice. We must check our own biases and demand there be room at the table for everyone.

“Jesus Amidst the Democratic Candidates”

“Jesus Amidst the Democratic Candidates” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

Violence, Transphobia, Cissexism 

Practicing Our Faith: A Reflective Book Review

A Year of Intentional Discernment

“Practicing Our Faith: A Reflective Book Review” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller


"If God's purpose is the development of relationship between the Divine-self and humanity - all of humanity - then to say that any human being is incompatible with the Divine is heretical."

You Are Seen and You Are Loved – Jennifer Caitlín Eller – Medium

In Light of the UMC Special Session General Conference

“You Are Seen and You Are Loved” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

Happy 6 year anniversary to Nazanin and I! If you are trans, never doubt that you can find love. Nazanin and I meet after my transition and found soul mates in each other.

Justice Be Thy Plea – Jennifer Caitlín Eller – Medium

a queering theology devotional

"The words of Paul (I Corinthians 13.4-8) and those of Jesus in today's passage is a rose with a thorny stem. They are beautiful, compassionate, and revolutionary even as they cut and wound us."

“Justice Be Thy Plea” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

RENT and the AIDS Epidemic: ‘Minutes’ in My Life – Jennifer Caitlín Eller – Medium

"One of the biggest things I took from RENT was the importance of community and finding strength in each other."

“RENT and the AIDS Epidemic” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

"[T]he image of her doing this work not with her head, but with her heart, is equally important. She is feeling her way through this."

Gathering the Threads – Jennifer Caitlín Eller – Medium

A Christmas Queering Theology Devotional

“Gathering the Threads” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

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Q Is For Community – Jennifer Caitlín Eller – Medium

Why I Identify as a Queer Woman

“Q Is For Community” by Jennifer Caitlín Eller

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she's a fast-talking loudmouth trans woman field agent who gets results but is constantly dinged on uniform code violations for dressing like a teenager. she gets kicked out of a different bed every morning!

they're a straight-shooting, straightlaced enby analyst who works too hard to compensate for the confusion they believe that their gender causes in others. they go home to their cat every night!

together, they fight crime!

Assigned Cop At Birth: coming to a theater near you, July 2019

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Thank you to everyone who boosted my GoFundMe or donated. Thanks to you I was able to get a new laptop for work with only minimal disruption to our scheduling. You all are amazing and I love you all.

Fish and Bread – Jennifer Caitlín Eller – Medium

A Queering Theology Devotional

"His action was his ministry. His ministry in this moment would, like true prophecy, would address the needs present now and add meaning to what he would do later."

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