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Today is Mon-either-I-don't-go-outside-at-all-or-I-walk-to-a-porn-shop-day.

The porn shop is five kilometers away.




They were a BFD in the Industrial music scene for a long time. I've seen them live in Seattle a few times.

I've never seen such a solid block of thunderstorms forecast anywhere ever.

It is with a heavy heart that I report Grindr has been uninstalled from my phone. It was a total shitshow, but I'll still lament its absence.

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🎈🎊🎉Happy Birthday!🎉🎊🎈

May the coming year be filled with harmony, things resolved, and a blossoming of your truth in to the world.

Possibly weird question, but I'm not having much luck finding things so far, so casting a wider net -

Anyone know of resources for learning more about Thai culture specifically, without the pollution of colonialist misrepresentation and prejudice?

I can technically read the language but my vocabulary would be overshadowed by a typical five year old... just getting really frustrated by writers using clumsy and often insensitive anglicizations and even worse editorializing.

Fwiw totally open to views of others in the region - I know the hegemony isn't objective either. I guess just not judgmental crap written by white people :-)

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