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As you all already know what a massive nerd I am, I don’t feel bad sharing how much I enjoy reading the comments on classical pieces on YouTube. I feel like it may be the only safe arena for comments on the Internet. These ones on Handel’s Sarabande omg.

On the stormy sea of ruling emotion
Tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean


Just find some porn on a cd from the 90's so old they have tildes in the filenames.

Alright, you brainiacs. What's your favorite Linux-based video creator/editor?

(Been wanting to use "brainiac" ever since I saw someone use "knuckle sandwich" the other day.😂😂😂)

I don't want to go out there! Please, just let me sit in my dark Shack in peace.

A random social media conversation has led me to listening to this entire album because I must. Smell transports many people back to specific times and places. For me, it's music that does this.

If you need me I'll be in Chino, CA.

A conversation with a friend across multiple social platform is responsible for this post.


Alright y'all, every single one of you is invited to the transgender and gender nonconforming support group next Tuesday.

Find a way to get to northern Michigan, you won't regret it*

*not a promise

ec, i think this is gonna be my best look this year 

That last image came out a little too grainy for my taste. Here's the full photo in hopes it comes out better.

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