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I'm currently processing a mental collapse and I'm super frustrated with post deletions being rate limited.

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Honestly, you lost me at, "My car ..."

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People who use the #accessibility stack on Linux, do you use anything other than Orca?

I'm trying to map out unused code paths in at-spi2-core, and so far I'm considering orca/dogtail, but I'm sure I'm missing something.

Job Opportunity, Remote, Web Dev 

NutritionFacts dot Org and organization near and dear to my heart is looking for a Full-Time Remote Web Developer

Go to to see the whole listing!

Partial job post:
The Web Developer at is responsible for day-to-day technical tasks, including web development, maintenance, and administration of the website and related properties. The Web Developer is a full-time position and reports to the Chief Technology Officer. The Web Developer will assist in executing the technological vision for the organization and help to further the company’s technological development. The ideal Web Developer candidate is passionate about evidence-based nutrition and has demonstrated success in the following areas: front and back-end web development, including PHP development and JavaScript; experience with build and automation systems; experience with WordPress; and working with non-technical staff on technical issues.


I'm in the top ninety-eight percent of people who feel like they get enough irl emotional support.

Dysphoria, MH(-) 

The necessity of content warnings can be illustrated by a boost from someone of a digital artwork showing a svelte and busty Velma that has sent me down a dysphoric spiral.


For example, someone posts a youtube link that does not have a rendered preview. The above command can display the name of the video, giving you an idea of the video's content.

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Reminder that yt-dlp can preview the title of a youtube video with the command: yt-dlp --get-filename [URL]


I never realize how thirsty I am until I'm washing down my medication before bed and chugging the entire kleen kanteen of water.

Even if I did "throw it all away," I still couldn't pull off moving to and living forever in Antwerp.


I have no idea what toxic compounds are being synthesized in the process, but I really enjoy toasting cheap ramen before eating it as a dry snack.

Body parts, Humor 

Okay, giving this a shot.

Cutie with two buttocks.

Did I get it right?

Ethical dilemma, No EC, Self-harm, Selfie 

If I act on the desire I sometimes have to cut my hair off and give myself a "no guard" buzzcut as an act of self-harm, do I then tell irl acquaintances the truth why I did it when they ask where the hair went?

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Body fluids, Food, Grossness, Relationships 

Welp, it was bound to happen. I was in bed eating breakfast and managed to spill a good amount of soymilk on a pillow and the sheets. Fortunately, the thread count on the pillow case and sheets slowed the absorption so it never got past the the two flannel sheets I use as a cheaper and still effective mattress protector under the fitted sheet. So the mattress and the pillow are both fine.

It's no big deal washing everything. The difficulty comes from having to run a cleaning cycle on the washer before I can use it. The property owner still has weeping ulcers on their legs and they use bath towels and beach towels to soak up the drainage. Then the towels get thrown full of that stuff straight in to the washer without first rinsing out as much as possible in the laundry room sink. They're a filthy person, and don't do the best job washing things, either.

The first time I washed clothes after they'd run numerous loads my stuff came out smelling really gross and I had to clean the washer and rewash my stuff. So I now run an empty deep water load with one cup each of bleach and vinegar. It's not worth bringing up with the property owner because they really can't help it, and it would needlessly shame them.

It just sucks.

Bodily functions, Coffee, MH(~) 

you get up to pee and can't go back to sleep after forty-five minutes so you say fuck it and make coffee and it's super delicious and wonderful and you question why you question your life choices because everything led up to this excellent coffee.

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i keep using vi keystrokes in insert-by-default editors... grrr!

Medical Providers, MH(~), PH(~) 

I have a medication appointment in a little bit. The medical "non-profit" I go to was consumed by Multicare. The relationship between the primary care provider I see and I has been contentious at best.

I do not have high hopes for this morning.

Also, it's snowy outside, and I've got that bike ride to the appointment ahead. Meh.

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