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Honestly, you lost me at, "My car ..."

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I'm too sick to appropriately worship you, but know that I do. Is that a straggler?

Health (-) 

Health (-) 

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any time a rando says “a female” on scruff or grindr i flash through dozens of sound bites of the ferengi sneering those words & whatever attraction i might have been experiencing goes through a perfect lossless conversion to visceral revulsion


Well, I'm five years older. I'm becoming distraught.

Honestly, nothing has wrecked me more. I mean... I was that age when he was that age.


My brother doesn't understand the concept of white saviourism. Do you think he's gonna understand punching down?

I've been away for a bit. Started taking sertraline (Zoloft) a few days ago. Not sure what it's doing to me yet, if anything. I'm only at 25 mg so far.

I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences from any of you who've taken/are taking it.

When's the last time you saw a Hi-Watt? When's the last time you saw a transistor radio? Post photos to prove.

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My friend Jen mailed me this amazing headband as a present and I love it and her so much. CW: selfie, ec

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Okay, heading back already. I'd be lying if I said it was fun. I'm from a small city. Downtown L.A. is just far too overwhelming. Far more than Seattle or Portland, and the reality is I just don't trust L.A. drivers enough to feel comfortable riding around. There's still seemingly a derth of bikelanes around the city. Maybe it would be better if there were more cyclists. Granted, it is Saturday, but there's no large group of cyclists to just fall in with and see where they lead.

Oh, well. I can say I rode the Main St-Spring St. separated bike lanes that makes a big loop around City Hall.

Maybe I'll try again another day.

Almost back on the road. Had the foresight to bring the tool bag and pump along on this trip. *WHEW*

Just getting ready to get off the train and I have a flat tire. *sigh* Goddamnit...

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reddit, where you can choose between
(1) fascist forums
(2) "left" forums overflowing with fascist entryism
(3) forums devoted to specific niche interests like mobile game development in Rust, where everyone is also a fascist

Got started later than I'd hoped, but now on the train heading in to L.A. to spend the afternoon riding around on my , and also seeing what decedent eateries I can find.

Watching my brother and sister-in-law watch TV. Specifically, watching them watch a movie they've seen probably a dozen times. No exaggeration. 🙄

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